WOD 6/20

Handstand + Core warm up
Minute 1,4,7 — 30 second handstand hold on wall
Minute 2,5,8 — 12 sit ups
Minute 3, 6, 9 — 30 second superman hold

Ring Muscle Up Review & Practice


10 Alt Pistols

8 KB Snatches per arm 24/16kg

6 Ring Muscle Ups

250 M Run.

Workout of the Day 6.17.16


Friday 6.17.16

“The Orlando 49”
With a partner. One works, one rests. Resting partner always holding medicine ball off the ground (20/14 Rx, 14/10 scaled)
49 burpee pull ups
49 overhead squat 115/75    75/45
400m run, each carrying a med ball
49 front squat (Same bar as OHS)
49 burpee box jumps   24/20

This workout is dedicated to the 49 victims of the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando.

At CrossFit Sabertooth we have a diverse population in so many ways — gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, not religious at all, different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, political leanings, economic status, fitness level and athletic background…the list goes on and on. None of that matters when we step through the door into the gym. We are united by our  desire to be our best selves through fitness; united by our willingness to push our physical limits on a regular basis; united by our shared moments of triumph and adversity.

When members of our community are hurting — feeling pain and confusion and fear, brought on by a senseless act of violence like the Orlando shooting — we can come together and support each other, and make an extra effort to be a constant source of positivity and strength for our fellow members and coaches.

So when you step into the gym tomorrow to complete this workout, take a second to think about the victims and their families. When you’re getting tired and sweaty and want to slow down, keep going strong in honor of those who won’t get another chance to. Take a second to appreciate the gifts you’ve been given. Make no mistake — the physical ability to complete a workout like this is absolutely a gift, no matter how long it takes you or how much you scale it.

You only get one chance at life on this earth. Make it count.

Workout of the Day 6.16.16


Thursday 6.16.16

Banded knee distraction followed up by lax ball behind bent knee. . . Banded ankle distraction followed Achilles on kb handle, barbell, or pvc. . .4-5 minutes Core Smash preferably with softball

With a partner, alternating rounds
6 rounds (3 each)
15 deadlifts 185/125
15 bar facing burpees

500m row time trial