Workout of the Day 7/30/16

Saturday 7/30/16

5×5 @ 95% of 5RM

These will be getting heavy, as we are getting to the end of our 6 week progression! Keep that core locked in, and make sure you give yourself plenty of rest (1:30-2:00) between sets.

The Separator (kind of), CrossFit Games 2016 Event 9
For time:
12 Handstand Pushups
21 back squats 135/95
21 burpees
9 handstand pushups
15 front squats (same bar)
15 burpees
6 handstand pushups
9 overhead squats (same bar)
9 burpees

Workout of the Day 7/29/16


35 min Cap:
With a partner, 1 rests 1 works, switch as needed
150 wall ball   20/14
rest 2 min
50 Clean & Jerk 135/95
Rest 2 min
50 Snatches 135/95
Rest 2 min
Until 35 min cap hits: AMRAP calories on machine of your choice, switching every 1min

Rx = keep the same bar for the C+J and snatches, but you can scale back the snatch weight if necessary so you can keep moving. Ideally you and your partner are alternating reps at a steady pace throughout, without prolonged rest periods.

The wall balls, C+J, and snatches should be a hard effort. Try to minimize your rest between you and your partner, while still maintaining solid mechanics. You will have time to recover between each section of the workout, so push the tempo!

The intensity of the row depends on how much time you have left. Try to keep a solid ~80% of max effort, until you just have one or two intervals left. Then hit the gas and empty the tank!

Workout of the Day Thursday 7/28/16

Thursday 7/28/16

Intro to GHD situps/hip extensions
Pull sled
Push sled
Split into three groups —  each will have ~10 min per station.

With a partner, alternating rounds:
Double DT (15min cap)
10 rounds:
12 deadlift (155/105)
9 hang clean
6 jerk

The shoulder to overhead at the end of the round should dictate your weight! This is meant to be a fast and furious workout — when in doubt, go lighter so you can get through your rounds quickly with good form. Choose a weight you can hit 6 unbroken jerks with when you’re fresh. Practice using the hook grip as much as possible on the hang cleans.

Workout of the Day 7/27/16

Wednesday 7/27

Back squat
Find heavy 6
Then 3×4 at heavy 6
Work up in sets of 3s. You should only attempt ONE set at 6 reps. Trust your body. If rep 3 feels easy, stop and go up in weight. If rep 3 feels very difficult, stop and go down in weight. The weight should be challenging but you should not go to failure.

Mini Murph
For time:
400m run
30 pull ups
50 push ups
70 air squats
400m run

Partition reps as needed.

Workout of the Day 7/25/16

Monday 7/25

Split jerk review — move those feet!

Squat clean + Split jerk @ ~70%

Next week we will test our 1RM clean & jerk. This week is all about dialing in the technique, especially on the split jerk. Make sure both feet are moving, not just the back foot! Use this time to clean up your movement.

With a partner, switch as needed:
2 lengths wheelbarrow walk each
60 box jumps
60 toes to bar
60 thrusters 95/65
400m run