Workout of the Day 12/29/16

Thursday 12/29

Core work
Accumulate in any order, break up as needed
1:00 L-Sit hold
1:00 high plank
1:00 side plank each side
1:00 superman hold
30 Mason twists w/plate
12 minute cap. If finished before 12 min, choose the 1 or 2 skills that felt the hardest and continue working on them until the cap.

Row 4 minutes for max meters
2 minute rest
4 minute max Double unders/single unders
2 minute rest
4 minutes max wall balls


Wednesday 12/21

Today we are retesting our 500m row sprint time! You have all put in a ton of great work this cycle on the rowing machine. Let’s set some new PRs!

Primer workout:
5 empty bar thrusters
5 burpees
Rest 2 minutes, then:

Retest 500m row time

Thrusters 95/65 64/45
Burpee box jumps 24/20