So you want to compete again…Upcoming Local Competitions

Many of you who participated in our Lifto De Mayo competition had never competed in CrossFit before! Our hats are off to you for taking the plunge. That takes some serious guts, especially the first time!

Some of you have already asked — “When can I do this again?! I don’t want to wait another whole year!”


Good news — there are lots of great local competitions throughout the year! If you have questions about how to sign up, which division to choose, finding a partner, etc. don’t hesitate to ask a coach! Between all the coaches, we have done most of these competitions at least once (or another one hosted by the same people). We are happy to share our experience if you want more info.

These are in chronological order. Know about one that we missed? Let us know and we can add it!

Minnesota Show of Fitness
Saturday, June 10th, Minneapolis Convention Center
Same gender partners, Rx & Scaled. $170 per team

SISU Summer Throwdown
Friday night July 7th + Saturday July 8th, CrossFit SISU (Excelsior MN)
M/F partners, Rx & Scaled. $240 per team

Gameday New Ulm
Saturday, July 29th, New Ulm Civic Center
M/F Partners, Rx & Scaled. $250 per team

The Granite Games
Online qualifier — July 5th-17th ($20 per person)
Competition — Sept. 8-10, St. Cloud State University Campus.
MMM/FFF Teams of 3. ~$600 per team (Seems like a lot but it is totally worth us)
The Granite Games is the mother of all local competitions. It is an amazing experience but takes some planning ahead of time to make it happen, since the online qualifier is required to register. Talk to a coach ASAP if you might be interested.


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