Member Stories: Tricia

Tricia has been a Sabertooth member for just over one year! Tricia has grown exponentially stronger in her abilities in the gym, but even more noticeable to us coaches is her growth mentally. She believes in herself and isn’t afraid to set challenging goals or go well outside her comfort zone in her effort to improve. We are lucky to have her around! We asked her to write about her first year of CrossFit. Here’s what she has to say:



A year ago around this time, I pulled into the CrossFit Sabertooth parking lot for the free introduction class. I jumped from the car and headed in before I could change my mind. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pretty sure it would include professional-looking body builders doing incredible feats of strength, like one-armed pushups or muscle ups. Worse, I was positive they would see me as someone who didn’t belong in a CrossFit gym.


The intro class was a great introduction to the basic movements, like wall balls and air squats. But what surprised me the most, were the people who stopped their workouts to say “You can do it!” or “Great job–keep it up!” It was my first taste of the amazing Sabertooth community and a moment I will never forget.


The amount of weight I lifted never mattered if my form wasn’t right, something the coaches were happy to take time to correct. After a few months, I challenged myself to use heavier weights–I wanted to see what my body could do–and I haven’t looked back since. After the new year, I attended the gym’s goal setting workshop, signed up for the nutrition challenge, participated in the CrossFit Open, and the biggest surprise of them all–I signed up for my very first CrossFit competition.




There are still things I can’t do (I’m looking at you, pull ups!), but the list isn’t as long. Instead, my goals are new PRs I want to hit and personal times I want to beat. To meet those goals, I push myself on a regular basis, always working to be better than the month before.


So as I come up on my 1-year anniversary at CrossFit Sabertooth, I realize it’s not “a year since”, but rather, “a year of.” A year of inspiration. A year of new friendships. A year of pushing myself harder than before. A year of surprises, a few tears, and even more laughs. A year of reclaiming my confidence. A year of strength, determination, and motivation.


I can only imagine what the next year will bring!


Like many people who haven’t tried it out before, Tricia’s impression of CrossFit was that it’s only for people who are already have super human fitness. Nothing could be further from the truth! We have members with all different ages, abilities, athletic backgrounds, and goals. No matter where you’re at, this program can work for you! Click here to sign up for a Free Intro session. 


60 cal row
80 wall balls 20/14
100 double unders
40 cal row
60 wallballs
80 double unders
20 cal row
40 wallballs
60 double unders
*substitute bike for calories, or 250 m run/20 calories
Scale suggestion:
3 rounds
20 cal row
40 wallballs
40 double under/80 single under

Another scale suggestion:
40 cal row
50 wallball
60 double unders
30 cal row
40 wallball
50 double unders
20 cal row
30 wallball
40 double unders

30 min cap


Odd: 5 burpees (add 1 each round)
Even: 5-10 toes to bar
Now that we’ve worked hard on our toes to bar technique, it’s time to practice doing the movement when we’re out of breath, but still have plenty of recovery time. Choose a variation and number of reps that are challenging, but doable while still keeping a good rhythm.

Death by thruster
Minute 1: 1 thruster
Minute 2: 2 thrusters
Minute 3: 3 thrusters
Etc until you cannot complete the given number in the minute
15 min time cap


2x (1 snatch deadlift w/o extension + 1 hang snatch)
1 sec pause at the top of the deadlift before lowering to the hang (anywhere above knee)
5 sets at 70-75%
Heavier than last week if possible

8 rounds
4 strict KTE
5 burpees to a plate
6 Russian kb swings 32/24
12 min cap

Workout of the Day 6/24

Saturday 6/24

Skill practice: Double unders (5-10 minutes)

With a partner
P1 Heavy farmer carry w/ DB or KBs (gym length down & back)
P2 Farmer carry
P1 Sandbag bear hug carry (gym length down & back)
P2 sandbag bear hug carry
P1 1 arm overhead KB carry (switch arms at halfway)
P2 1 arm overhead KB carry
At the 10:00, 20:00, and 30:00 mark — 250m run together