Member Stories: Dan

Dan has been a member at Sabertooth for nearly our entire existence in our current location — over 2.5 years! We asked him to write a few words about his experience at CrossFit Sabertooth, and what keeps him motivated after all these years. Side note: he hit a lifetime personal best back squat at 240lbs this week! That’s about 100lbs over where he started. Here’s what Dan had to say:

“When I first stepped into CrossFit Sabertooth two years ago, it was because I had made a New Year’s resolution to switch out my fitness regimen. I’d been a distance runner for years, and felt like I was a halfway decent runner. Still, it was beginning to feel monotonous, and at the age of 49 then, I was beginning to realize that running well wasn’t the same as being fit.

I knew about CrossFit, but was hesitant to try it, because of my perception I’d be the oldest one there, and because I’d never enjoyed weightlifting. Once I started, I realized that I was right about not being fit. The workouts felt grueling, and I was embarrassed about the lack of weight on my barbells. What I didn’t expect, though, was the positive vibes from both the coaches and other gym members, making even small improvements feel meaningful. It made me want to come back.


Soon I found myself having fun working out – something that always felt like a necessary chore before. I got better at the workouts, and surprised myself over and over. I unknowingly became part of a community that was closer than any I’d had in years. I found myself looking ahead at upcoming workouts online, and thinking of gym members as friends. It was something I would never have predicted. More importantly, the consistent workouts and constant mutual support have changed my mindset. I’m proud of what I’m doing, and am working to do better all the time.

Do I have the body of a fitness model? Do I like burpees? No and no. But I like how I look and how I feel. And I even like when burpees are in a workout, because the challenge gives me a high. In a nutshell, CrossFit gave me a much needed reboot to be the healthy, happy person I ought to be.”

Thanks for being a great part of the Sabertooth community, Dan! We are lucky to have you!

We want to help you get fit, feel better, and be happier! Click here to book a Free Intro Session!


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