5×5 push jerk from rack
Heavier than week 1, but emphasis is still on maintaining stability throughout the lift, and landing with locked out arms.

For time
40/30 cal bike/row
40 burpee box jump over 24/20
*hands may be placed on the box
10 min cap


Double Unders: Today’s focus is on Jump Mechanics. Refer to MWOD episode: https://www.mobilitywod.com/2013/08/community-mwod-video-the-one-pattern-part-2-the-double-under/ Establish the Jump Mechanics and make sure can perform in Single Unders. Then attempt to perform with double unders. The jump should not change. Practice for a few mins. Then 15 sec ON/15 Sec OFF for 3 Mins.

For time
12 clean and jerks 155/105
2 rounds
15 toes to bar/knees to chest
12 chest to bar/pullups
12 clean and jerks
15 min cap
Don’t lose your grip! Take breaks before you need them.


We are working on improving our one mile run times. Last week we tested our 1 mile run. This week, we will be doing 400m intervals, at or below our goal pace, with short rests in between. TO figure out your goal pace for a 400m, first decide what your new goal 1 mile time is. If you’re unsure, a 10-15 second improvement is a good place to start. We’re looking for incremental improvement! Then, take that new goal time, and divide by four, to find the 400m pace you would need to maintain in order to hit that goal. This is the pace you will try to hit today across all your runs. If you have a watch/stopwatch/fitbit or something that you can use to time yourself, please bring it! We have some stopwatches that you can use if you don’t have one.

6x400m Run @ Goal pace
Rest 50% of run time between efforts (if it took you 2min to run, rest 1 minute before next interval.)

If you ran 1200m instead of the mile for your time trial, run 4x400m instead.

Workout of the Day 8/27

Sunday 8/27

Front squat to parallel
When we reach the very bottom of our squat, it can be difficult to get “out of the hole” if we lose tension at the bottom. Practicing squats to parallel will help build strength and control.
5×3, same weight across all 5
Choose a moderate loading, no more than 75%
Slight pause at parallel.

For time:
Russian KB swings     Rx — Use KB heavier than your normal WOD weight.
Sit ups
Push press 75/55. 55/35.

The KB swings should feel heavy but doable in 1-2 sets. The push presses should be a light weight that you can move quickly.

Workout of the Day 8/25/17

Face Melt Friday Circuit!

2 rounds.
2 minutes work at each station, 1 min rest between stations.

Airdyne (cals)
Sandbag cleans 75/50. 50/35
Plank hold
Row (cals)
DB Snatch 50/35. 35/20
Handstand hold

For the holds, accumulate as much time in that position as you can during the 2 minutes. For the other movements, go for max reps in 2 minutes at each station. Track your reps so you know what to beat in round 2!

Workout of the Day 8/24/17


2 push press + 1 push jerk
Work up to heavy single in the complex if you feel comfortable with these movements. If you are new to the jerk or struggle with overhead mobility, practice 5-6 work sets at a moderate weight.

40 box jump overs 24/20. 20/16
30 deadlifts 185/135. 155/105
20 pushups

This should be a fast moving workout. Make sure you choose appropriate scaling so you can get through the box jump overs smoothly without many breaks, and a deadlift weight you can move through in 2-3 sets or less per round.

Workout of the Day 8/23/17


Double under practice

Quick Review on last weeks points. Then Review 1. the importance of keeping elbows close. (There is a banded elbow drill for this if needed.) 2. The importance of listening to the rope — what it should sound like when it hits the ground and how you can use that to time your jump and adjust your speed.

The Drill to practice today is to take 1/2 of your personal best unbroken DU, and perform that number, rest 30 seconds, repeat. Continue that drill for 4 minutes. Scaled option is :30 on, :30 rest working on stringing together double under, for 4 minutes.

20 air squats
15 pull ups
10 power snatches 95/65 65/45