Member Stories: Scarlet

Scarlet has been a member of Sabertooth since March of 2017. Formerly a member of the “I could never do CrossFit, that’s just for elite athletes!” crowd, she is now a regular sight here in the gym! It’s been a pleasure helping her along her fitness journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for her! Here’s a summary of Scarlet’s CrossFit journey so far, in her own words. 

When I first heard about CrossFit, all I thought about was big muscular individuals lifting heavy weights. I initially dismissed the idea of even trying it. I joined a Boot camp style workout group that was associated with a CrossFit gym, and at the time, that just confirmed I was not made for it. While doing boot camp at the end of every session, I was left wanting more of a challenge.

Later on, my husband and I moved across country to Minnesota from Miami. He had been doing CrossFit for a while, and when he joined a gym he liked in MN, he invited me to check it out. I gave in and joined CrossFit Sabertooth. I walked into the gym not knowing any CrossFit terminology/movements. I did know a few things from boot camp but as far as my expectations I just figured I’d try it, fail and be on my way. As soon as I finished Foundations, I felt like maybe it was something I could do after all. As of now my perception of CrossFit has made a 180. There’s something so exhilarating after finishing a workout or just seeing a small accomplishment.


Sometimes pushing ourselves to get up and workout seems like such a chore and I’ve been there. Telling yourself at 6: I’m going for a run and Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll work on a certain body part. When the time comes you don’t end up going. With CrossFit, it no longer is a chore — it’s about leaving work excited, and going straight to the gym and meeting with your workout family.

CrossFit has made me feel like an athlete once again. It’s allowed me to have a passion for something. I see myself stronger, and mentally I challenge myself everyday to push a lit bit harder and to dig a little deeper. The coaches have played a big role in my motivation. When a movement can be improved they step in and try to correct it and when your move is done well, all praises to you and that feels good. It fees like your part of something great and everyday I want to contribute to that greatness.


Prior to starting CrossFit, my upper body strength was non existent and I was okay with that because well… I never really needed it! Now I’m like, “bring it on, pull ups!” One of my greatest accomplishments has been able to do banded pull ups and despite me not being able to fully do them unassisted, it still feels great because when I started I could not pull myself up with a thick band. Now I’m doing them with a thinner band. Every time I use less assistance I just feel so empowered and proud because before I couldn’t do any and now I’m stringing them together. Everyday in CrossFit feels like a win. The smallest achievement feels like a great achievement with just being able to add 2-5 pounds more to your prior personal record or when you finally perfect a movement. All you want to do is that movement over and over again.

CrossFit has made me a better athlete, it’s brought out a certain discipline and it has showed me my potential. I’m stronger physically and mentally!

If Scarlet can do it, so can you! We want to help you get fit, feel better, and be more confident. Click here to sign up for a Free Intro Session! No judgement, no pressure — we are here to help. 


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