:10 hollow hold/tuck hold + :20 max effort unbroken T2B/knees to chest/toes to post
Use the hollow hold to prime your core and create tension
Unbroken set is capped at :20. If you come off the bar early then stop the set

2223 Intervals – Front squat version
4 rounds
Rounds 1-3: 2 min work, 1 min rest
Round 4: 3 min work
1 rope climb/2 laydown rope climbs
7/5 cal row/bike/ski
Max reps front squats 115/85
*Goal is to reach 100 total front squats
You should have about one minute to work on front squats. If you find that you have more than :90 seconds or less than :30 seconds to work on front squats, scale up or down accordingly


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