2017 CrossFit Games Recap: Our Top Favorite Moments

Just like that, the official 2017 CrossFit season is over! The CrossFit Games moved to Madison, WI for the first time. Several of our coaches and members made the trip to the Games to watch their favorite athletes compete in person. It was an incredible experience that any CrossFit or sports fan should seriously consider!

The week was full of jaw-dropping performances and memorable moments that we’ll never forget. Here’s a few of our favorite moments (in no particular order) that are worth re-watching!

  • The 1-rep Max Snatch event. While we loving watching athletes go fast, try new things, or do crazy amounts of reps — there is nothing quite like watching them go HEAVY. The max snatch event in the coliseum was simply epic. Kara Webb won the women’s event with 203 pounds (just a cool 50 pounds above my all time best), with several women hitting 200lbs or more. On the men’s side, we got to witness a back-and-forth battle between EZ Muhammad and Tommy Vinas, only to see Garrett Fisher steal the event with a 305lb lift in the final round! That’s the heaviest snatch ever recorded at the Games. We’ll never forget Tommy Vinas’ interview after he had the heaviest snatch in the preliminary rounds. In a Tin Cup-like moment, he said he was going for THREE BLUES (315lbs) in the final round. He didn’t make it, but his called shot and attempt was just awesome. He could have “laid up” and gone for 306 for the win, but he went big! Some would call it a rookie mistake…but man was it fun to watch.


  • Alethea Boon’s big comeback. While not a big name in the Games scene relative to others, Alethea Boon is quickly becoming a crowd favorite. Last year at the Games she tore her Achilles. Nobody (including her) expected to be back at the Games this year after such a serious injury. Somehow she recovered enough to qualify for Regionals, made it there and crushed it — getting back to the Games just one year after what many would consider a career-threatening injury. Her performance in the Games this year was spectacular, with several top-10 finishes — including a mind-blowing dismantling of the final event, where she finished the entire event before anyone else in her heat was even halfway! She was one of the only athletes in the entire field (including the men) to do the entire 90 feet of overhead walking lunges without stopping — and the crowd went absolutely bananas! (Watch the replay here — event 13, Women’s heat 2) 

    But the real story with Alethea is her attitude and passion. After every event finish, regardless of how she placed, you could see she was genuinely just happy to be there and truly enjoying every moment. Her display of gratitude for being there, and being capable of doing the workouts at all, is a great reminder to enjoy the journey.  If anyone knows where to find a Boon jersey, please let us know!

    Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.07.12 AM.png


  • Tia-Clair Toomey finally going the distance. After two years of disappointment finishing 2nd place, Tia finally had the killer instinct of a champion this year. In the past her only limiting factor was her confidence in herself. This year it was clear that she knew she belonged at the top. She didn’t back down from anyone!

    Her performance in the Muscle Up/ Clean ladder workout was the most impressive single performance of the entire weekend for any athlete. She finished up her last clean when most of the women in her heat (many of whom were former Games champs or podium winners) were still several bars behind. Though it’s always amazing watching these athletes do their thing, it’s more rare to see someone crush a workout so thoroughly that your mouth is literally hanging open. Well done, Tia!

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.41.44 AM.png

  • Mat Fraser must be a robot. The man is simply not human. Last year he won the Men’s competition by a landslide — 197 points ahead of second place. This year he won by 216 points. So what does that make his victory this year? A super-landslide? He could have just laid down and taken a nap for the whole final day and still won.

    He only had ONE placement the whole weekend that was outside the top 7.

    He’s so dominant and well rounded at this point that it’s hard to picture him not winning again next year.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.26.25 AM.png


  • Ricky Garard — Rookie of the Year. Ricky’s brother Ben Garard made the CF Games in 2015 in dramatic fashion after setting the worldwide record time in the final event of Regionals. Since then, Ben has been grooming Ricky for the Games. It has been amazing following along with their training journey over the past few years, and seeing it finally come to fruition. Ricky established himself in the top heat with a win in the Cyclocross Event on Day 1, and stayed there all weekend.

    Simply put, he rose to the occasion and performed at his top capacity consistently all week. In the snatch event, he hit 21lbs over his previous personal best! That kind of poise under pressure usually takes years to develop. All week long you could see the fire in his eyes. Now that he has some Games experience under his belt, look for him to have a great future in the sport — he is the real deal!

    Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.37.19 AM.png

    There are dozens more moments we could list here! What were some of your favorite moments?

Saw the Games on TV and got the urge to try it yourself? Come check out our Free Intro Class, Saturdays at 10am!


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