Teams of 3
2 rounds
90 pushups; one person works, second person holds plank, third person rests
90 ttb; one person works, one person hangs on pullup bar, one person rests
90 db/kb snatch; one person works, one person holds plate overhead, one person rests

25 min time cap


New Squat Programming!

We are piloting a series of supplemental programming that focuses on specific strengths/movements.

Do you want a stronger back squat? While we often program squats in our regular classes, it can be difficult to make progress if you miss a workout or you don’t come on those days. Coach Sarah will be offering additional back squat programming to all who are interested in increasing strength and intensity in their squats with the added flexibility to perform the work based on your work/life schedule.


This program is designed to hit high volume at relatively heavy weights that will be challenging but very rewarding. It will be based on percentages of your 1 rep max and 3 rep max. You will test your 1 rep max before and after the cycle, and you will also test your 3 rep max in the middle of the cycle. Since the work is based on percentages it is attainable for most athletes.

Are you getting pumped yet?! Here are some more details:

  • We expect you to be able to incorporate the work 3 days a week for 8 weeks. You will have squats one day, leg accessory work one day, and leg and core accessory work one day.
  • We expect each session to take 10-20 minutes.
  • We would not recommend all 3 days in a row but rather spread out during the week. They can be done in any order.
  • The work can be done at the gym during open gym or before/after class as long as there is no interference with the ongoing class workout. Some accessory work you may even be able to do at home.
  • Be aware: this work should not replace any part of a class workout, that is, if you want to participate in a class metcon, you should be there for the whole class, not squatting first then joining the class later.
  • Athletes with twice a week memberships may come for a third day of the week to work specifically on this programming.

We will create a Facebook group to post the weekly workouts, videos of movements, and ask/answer any questions you have. Sharing of memes and gifs is always encouraged.

Cost: $30

Duration: 10/30/17-12/31/17

Any questions or concerns about what to expect? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sarah at sarahxjeffery@gmail.com or any other coach.

To sign up, email us at crossfitsabertooth@gmail.com! We will charge your Rhinofit account on 10/22/17. The last day to sign up will be 10/29/17.

We will kick off the pretest 1 rep max back squat during the week of 10/22-10/29. Sarah will be available at Sunday open gym on 10/22 and 10/29 for those wanting extra motivation.


10/22-10/29 – Pretest 1RM Back Squat

10/30-11/5 Week 1

11/6-11/12 Week 2

11/13-11/19 Week 3

11/20-11/26 Week 4 (3RM)

11/27-12/3 Week 5

12/4-12/10 Week 6

12/11-12/17 Week 7

12/18-12/24 Week 8 (Deload)

12/24-12/31 – Post 1RM Back Squat



Test — Max set of strict pull ups
Scale as needed to get at least 4+ reps

5×5 strict pull ups — Under control
Preferred scale is the seated barbell pull up or box assisted, instead of bands.

2-4-6-8-10-12 clean 155/105
100 m run (back corner of parking lot)

New Programming Cycle — Starts Monday, Oct. 16 2017

Hello all!

It’s been a fun couple of weeks between cycles with our annual testing, Saberspook, and our Free Week! Now it’s time to get back into our normal groove. For those of you who are new to the gym, we write our programming in six week cycles. Each day of the week has a different theme, so you get some consistent practice on those movements or concepts. Then, we switch things up for the following cycle. This allows you to get lots of variety over time, while still getting consistent practice.

Here’s the plan for this cycle! It starts this coming Monday, 10/16.

Monday — Strict Pull ups. Improving pull ups will help any athlete, regardless of your current skill level. If you’re someone who is working towards your first unassisted pull up, make sure you don’t miss Mondays!  For a preview of some of the specific scaling options and drills you’ll see this cycle, check out the video we made! 

Tuesday — Team Workouts. All the workouts on Tuesdays this cycle will be partner or team workouts. Great way to meet some of the new faces at the gym!

Wednesday — Olympic Lifting. We’ll spend three weeks working on the Snatch, and three weeks working on the Clean & Jerk. Few movements we do in the gym are trickier than these ones — consistent practice is key!

Thursdays — Single arm/Single leg work. All of us have imbalances from side to side in our bodies, but if we spend some focused time working on balancing them out, we can even out our musculature from side to side. This will help improve your lifts and movement quality, prevent injury, and overall make your body feel stronger and more resilient.

Fridays — Squats. To compliment the Olympic lifting work, we will spend three weeks on Front Squats, and three weeks on Back Squats. You can never have too much squatting in your life, right?

Saturday — Bench Press + Overhead Press.  Since we recently purchased three new benches, we want to put them to good use! Saturdays will feature a variety of horizontal and vertical presses, to help strengthen your shoulders and core.

Sunday — Wild Card! We’ll work on a hodgepodge of skills and movements that wouldn’t otherwise make it into the cycle. Odd objects, rope climbs, sprinting, who knows what could end up in the Sunday rotation?!

Thats it! Let us know if you have any questions!

Workout of the Day 10/14

Saturday 10/14

Movement review:
DB strict press
Weighted step ups (Goblet or front rack w/ DB)

Strength circuit:
4 rounds, not for time. 15 min cap.
10 DB strict press
:60 front plank
:20 side plank each side
10 weighted step ups per leg
Go for quality movement! You can adjust the weight/sclaing up or down as you move through your rounds to maintain good form while still keeping it challenging. Rest as needed.

30 double unders/60 single unders
10 Ground to Overhead with Plate


Workout of the Day 10/12/17

Thursday 10/12
Movement review:

Odd: 10 deadlifts
Even: 10 pushups
Shoot for a scale that allows to you go unbroken on the deadlifts for all 6 rounds with good form, but is a challenging weight. For the pushups, focus on perfecting your mechanics. Don’t do the worm!

Team bike relay — teams of 3-5
Each teammate gets 3×1 minute sprints. Go for max calories as a team!