Workout of the Day 10/30/17

Monday 10/30

6×3 Strict pull up negatives, as slow as possible
Preferred scale is the seated barbell pull up or box instead of bands.

5 rounds for time:
30ft handstand walk (Scaled: bear crawl or :30 HS hold)
30ft walking lunge — single DB or KB overhead 50/35. 35/20
12 toes to bar


Warmup with Stick Em Ups and Behind Head Press
Review Shoulder position and the importance of packing the shoulder from start to finish to provide a stable platform to press off of.

Tall Kneeling Press
5×7 work sets.
Choose a challenging weight.

1 Snatch
7 T2b
Score = weight x reps on the snatches

Member Stories: Coach Chris

We’ve been introducing you to some of our members and their CrossFit transformation stories over the past few months, in our Member Stories series! This time we are changing it up and introducing you to one of our coaches and owners of the gym, Coach Chris!

“To go through the entire series of events that would eventually lead to me co-owning and coaching at CrossFit Sabertooth, I’d need a ten part series. So I’ll hit the highlights.

After college I got pretty serious about inline speed skating. I would skate 4-5 days a week all summer, putting in ridiculous amounts of miles. Eventually after hitting a plateau in my skating, I decided to look around for another form of training — especially since my window for skating was only 4-5 months out of the year. I had aspirations to be on the podium at local races, so I looked around at some different options for supplementing my training.


As fate would have it, fellow speed skater Matt Meyer just happened to open up a training facility in his garage a few months before. Matt was consistently a top local skater at the time, so it made total sense that I would train with him. I was living in Uptown at the time, with Matt’s gym being in St. Paul. Since I didn’t have a car, this meant biking 9 miles each way, just to train in Matt’s garage! Looking back it’s crazy to me that I did this even once, let alone 4-5 days a week for several years — especially since prior to this, I was NOT a fan of working out in a gym setting.

When I started at Matt’s gym, which was then called Axcelerate Fitness, I genuinely thought I was in great shape. I had the prototypical endurance athlete build — I was 5’10”, 150lbs  — basically a sack of bones. I did have good endurance, but I was completely one-dimensional as an athlete. I had literally zero weight training experience going in.

Pre-CrossFit Chris (2012)

I was hooked from the very first workout. I even remember the workout we did the very first time I showed up. It was a team workout with rope slams and Airdyne bike sprints. As I mentioned, I thought I was this great athlete coming in. I almost puked in the back yard halfway through the workout. Clearly I had been missing some things in my training! It was an eye-opening experience from day 1.

After a few more weeks of workouts in the garage, I was already recruiting friends and family to come check out the garage with me. It was the perfect combination of motivating factors for me — working out with friends (including Matt and a few other top skaters), tons of variety, and man, was it HARD! I also liked the fact that I didn’t have to come up with a workout to do — just show up and go.

The premise of CrossFit is to create athletes who are well-rounded — not specialists. Throw any sort of athletic challenge at them, and they will be able to tackle it proficiently. When I started, I was 100% a specialist. All of my athletic eggs were in the Endurance basket. I had zero strength, body awareness, mobility, power…all I could do was hold a steady pace for a long time, and maybe put in a few decent bursts. Over time, I became more focused on becoming well rounded. I didn’t just want to be fast — I wanted to be strong. It seemed silly to be so obsessed about shaving a few seconds off my skating split times, if I could barely do a pull up! CrossFit showed me what I was lacking in my fitness, and gave me the tools to fix it.

The coaching piece was a natural fit for me. My dad coached my sports teams growing up for as long as I can remember. Coaching is in my blood.  After a year or so working out at Axcelerate, Matt helped me put together a workout class specifically for inline skaters. With his mentorship, I eventually began coaching for him when he was out of town, and then coach a few classes each week regularly.

Even then, I don’t think I had any inkling that this would eventually become my calling and my career. We outgrew the garage, and joined forces with Tim to create CrossFit Sabertooth and move into the current gym space. Three years down that road, and I can’t imagine doing anything else — not just as a career, but as an athletic endeavor as well. I am hopelessly addicted to CrossFit. There is always something to get better at.

That initial decision to bike across town to work out in some guy’s garage completely changed my life. I have no idea what I’d be doing now if I didn’t have the gym. One thing is for sure — I would be missing out. Missing out on my dream job, and missing out on transforming myself as an athlete.

I still speed skate sometimes. Now that my wife and I have a kiddo, it’s increasingly rare. The funny part is — my race placements and times are about the same as they were when I skated 4-5 times a week. However, I’m no longer a one-dimensional athlete. I’ve gained about 18lbs since I started CrossFit (which I sorely needed), dramatically improved my body awareness, gymnastics skills, power, overall strength — all while keeping the engine I had developed from my endurance training. To be clear — I went from extremely sub-par strength, to mediocre strength — I still have a long way to go! But I’m better than I was before. That’s what matters to me.

CrossFit has given me the best job ever, a gym full of amazing friends and family who inspire me, a new competitive outlet, a hobby to share with my wife, and has gotten me to the best shape of my life. If that’s not the definition of “life-changing,” I don’t know what is.”

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3 rounds
kneeling single arm DB strict press with opposite hand in KB front rack x8/side
*try to keep shoulder and hips square with this alternate loading
DB single leg deadlift x8/side
*DB in each hand, one leg raises behind you

2 Rounds
Row 1:00
Rest 2:00
Bike 1:00
Rest 2:00
Double/Single Under 1:00
Rest 2:00

Score = Total Cals + 1/2 DU or 1/4 SU


10 Min AMRAP
Teams of 3 – Rotate after each round
P1: 8 Bench Press 135/85
P2: 5 Power Cleans 155/95
(P3: Resting)

Rest 1 Min

10 Min AMRAP
Teams of 3 – Rotate after each round
P1: 10/6 Cal Bike
P2: 5 Burpee Box Jumps
(P3: Resting)

*Choose weights that you can maintain a consistently moving pace