5×4 Zero bounce deadlifts
Imagine the ground is covered in bubble wrap. Your goal is to NOT pop any bubbles when your bar touches the ground during your three reps. This will require great control on the way down, staying tight through your core from start to finish.

Teams of 3:
How Many Bike Cals/Pullups can you get out?
Workout = 9 Mins
*1 does pullups, 1 bikes, 1 rests
*Switch every 30 secs


Three rounds of:
2 minute cap:
Row 250/200 m
AMRAP front squats 115/75 in remaining time
Rest 3 minutes
2 minute cap:
40 double unders/60 single unders or 1 minute, whichever comes first
AMRAP Overhead squats 115/75 in remaining time
Rest 3 minutes

We’re working on coming off of a quick burst cardio movement, straight into some weighted squatting. Make sure you choose a weight for the overhead squats that you can get AT LEAST 5+ reps even if you’re tired. Ideally you’ll use the same weight for both types of squats, but if there is a huge difference in what you can do, you may change the weight between movements. Priority in the OHS is getting full range of motion!


4 Round
10 Cossack Squats w/ 2 kbs/dbs racked’
12 Vup/Vtuck combo (6 each)
8 (each leg) Fwd/Rev Lunge combo w/ 2kbs/dbs racked (Lunge forward, then stand and go right back into a reverse lunge without moving the planted leg = 1 rep)
8/side DB Side Plank Rotation

1 Snatch 115/75
2 Burpees
2 snatches
4 burpees
3 snatches
6 Burpees
4 snatches
8 Burpees
etc. . . .


Level 1
Walk up or kick up gently
Level 2
Take feet off wall as long as possible
Level 3
Freestanding holds

4 Rounds (2 min rounds)
10 Bench press 155/95
10 Deadlift 185/125
Airbike Cals for remaining time
*Rest 3 min after each round
**Score = total number Cals on Bike
***Can stagger start to avoid bottlenecking