Tuesday 1/30/18

6 Work sets of 3-5. Find a scale that is challenging for you.

Scaling down = adding mats/plates to reduce distance. or mixing heavy DB Strict Press with HS holds.

Scaling UP = Adding plates to create a deficit

For time

3-2-1 Rope climbs
21-15-9 DB front rack walking lunge total (not per side) 50/35

Nutrition Challenge 2018!

We’re so excited to announce the second annual Sabertooth Nutrition Challenge! This year, we are sandwiching the Challenge around the CrossFit Open because we feel you can stand to gain a lot from eating well, recovering fully and connecting with your community.

The Sabertooth Nutrition Challenge is a jump start to your health, nutrition and athletic performance goals for 2018. Ditch trigger foods for 6 full weeks and look forward to experiencing improvements not only in weight and body composition, but energy, mood, digestion and sleep.

Your commitment involves:

  1. eliminating refined sugar, refined grains, inflammatory oils and alcohol – why these foods? Read more here.

  2. attending at least 3 Crossfit classes per week

  3. participating in pre- and post- challenge assessments so you can see some tangible results from the focus put on food, nutrition and mindset

We are hosting a Challenge Kickoff/Info Meeting on Wednesday, February 7th at 6:30pm. This meeting is free, so if you want to learn more before signing up, feel free to come check it out! Friends and family are also welcome to join in for the Challenge.

During the Sabertooth Nutrition Challenge, you can expect to

  • Learn how to eat to balance your hormones, optimize fueling for and recovering from exercise and have sustained energy throughout the day

  • Receive daily accountability and support from Emily Field, our in-house Registered Dietitian at Sabertooth

  • Prioritize your health habits – like eating well, exercising often, managing your stress and sleep – and be held accountable to them by your fellow Sabertooth peers

  • Gain access to easy, Challenge-compliant recipes for increased success

  • Measure changes in health, body composition and athletic performance by participating in both pre- and post- assessments

What is the price of the Challenge?

The Nutrition Challenge costs $60.

New in 2018 — Challenge Level 2
Some of you might benefit from having individual coaching with Emily Field because you have specific goals for your weight, body composition or athletic performance and you want to really push yourself in these 6 weeks. This year, we’ve added the option to jump on the phone with Emily to get individualized coaching*. If you’re ready for it, she’ll create some specific priorities and targets for you – whether that be in calorie needs and macronutrients, or next level nutrition strategies like carbohydrate cycling, intermittent fasting and more! If this sounds like you, you can enroll in the Challenge Level 2 for $115.


*If you’re currently enrolled in the Saberfood nutrition coaching program, you can expect to hear specific information about how this will work so we can continue working on your goals WHILE you connect with your community in the Challenge.

What is included in the cost for the Challenge?

No matter which option you choose, you will receive:

  • Crossfit Sabertooth Nutrition Challenge e-book which includes all the background, foundational information you’ll need to be successful, helpful food lists

  • Access to Challenge-compliant recipes on private, RD curated Pinterest boards

  • Access to private Facebook group with other participants to serve as a place for daily motivation, inspiration, discussion and accountability throughout the Nutrition Challenge

  • Weekly nutrition focus or lessons that build on the foundational Challenge concepts and keep you progressing towards your goals

  • Unlimited access to Registered Dietitian via Facebook group discussion

  • Pre- and post-Challenge assessment measures – things like athletic performance and body composition as well as other lifestyle factors like overall energy, digestion and sleep


At the upgraded $115  rate, you’ll receive:

  • 30 minute coaching conversation with Emily at the beginning of the Challenge to get you set off the right foot

  • Weekly check-ins by email to keep you on target, manipulate your macro targets and set new or revise your priorities

  • unlimited support, accountability and Q/A access via email and Voxer walkie-talkie app (it’s truly like having a nutrition coach in your back pocket!)


How long does the Nutrition Challenge run for?

February 12 through March 23 – sandwiching the Open. Wouldn’t you like to feel and perform your best during one of the most exciting times of the Crossfit year? This year, we’ve added a prep week (February 12-18) with the intention of getting all your questions answered and your kitchens ready before hitting the ground running on February 19th. You’ll have a full week to get your pre-assessments completed and a full week (after the 5 weeks of the Crossfit Open) to get your post-assessments completed.

If you’re not already, make sure you’re in the Sabertooth Cave on Facebook. Emily plans to share some insight and information about WHY eliminating triggers foods is so effective for a short term jumpstart to a new eating pattern and WHAT to expect for results in 6 short weeks.

Finally, if you’re ready to reserve your spot – click here to sign up! Friends and family are also welcome to join in for the challenge.

Remember to join us Wednesday, February 7th at 6:30pm for the kickoff meeting!

Monday 1/29/18

Split Jerk 101
— Remember — the jerk is NOT a press! Focus on the footwork, and the rest will come.
— Foot placement & weight distribution
— Dip & drive
— Land with arms locked out

1 split jerk w/ 10 second hold in recieving position
Light weight! Focus is moving feet quickly, feeling strong and secure in receiving position. Max weight 135/95

For time:
30 pullups
30/20 cal bike
30 burpees

The Open, Part 2: Why Do It?

Welcome to the Crossfit Open 2018!

Last week we explained what the Open is. Today we are sharing thoughts from some Sabertooth coaches on why they participate in the Open.

Coach Allie:

“I was extremely hesitant to sign up for my first Open. I thought the Open was only for really competitive CrossFit athletes who were aiming for Regionals or the Games. Only a few months into doing CrossFit at the time, I didn’t consider myself to be anywhere near that level, or even a “competitive” CrossFit athlete at that. With a little coaxing, my coaches and friends convinced me to give it a chance.

I quickly realized that the Open is about so much more than qualifying for Regionals. It’s about bringing everyone together, sharing our accomplishments, and supporting each other through the highs and lows of each workout. The atmosphere is electric, with everyone cheering and sharing high-fives. The Open highlights my favorite aspect of CrossFit in general, the supportive community, and I can’t wait to share the experience with my new Sabertooth family this year!”

Coach Fedde:

“The biggest thing for me about the open is being judged by a buddy and submitting scores to the leaderboard. It gives me an extra level of motivation to really push myself. Like, actually push myself. Not just think that I’m pushing myself. When it’s all done, I have a new standard for how hard I can work (which motivates me in daily workouts) and I have a list of skills to work on for next year.”


Coach Chris:

“The Open is my annual measuring stick. My goal from year to year is to keep improving my overall place in the state of MN. If I move up even a handful of spots, I consider it a job well done, as the competition gets more fierce every year!  I also love the excitement and anticipation that builds up each week around the workout announcement. It’s often hard for me to get really amped up and full of adrenaline for a regular workout in the gym, other than in a competition. The Open is a different story. Embrace the adrenaline, embrace the crazy tough workouts, and see what happens!”


Coach Sarah:

“I have signed up for the Open for the past 3 years. I like getting an “official” score that you post online and can compare to other people around the world. I won’t lie, I have creeped on some old friends from high school/college who I know do Crossfit, and it is awesome to see that they are kicking butt. As a coach, it is so great watching people push themselves in workouts. Since the Open has defined workouts, people may do movements or weights that they wouldn’t normally choose, and watching our athletes surprise themselves with their capabilities is incredibly gratifying.

I will not register online for the Open this year due to my growing baby bump, however I plan to still participate in whatever capacity I can. Can’t beat that Friday night atmosphere!”

IMG_3631 (1).jpg

You can register for the Open at https://games.crossfit.com/. It’s just $20 to register, and you’ll be coming to do the workouts anyway — so why not give it a try?

On the next blog post we will talk about how the open will be run at Sabertooth. There are some changes from previous years so be sure not to miss this one!

-Coach Sarah

Workout of the Day 1/28/18

Sunday 1/28

Back squat 10-8-6-4-2
Increase load each set if form allows. Load should be challenging, but not in danger of failing reps.

10 rounds for time:
10 American KB swings. 24kg/16. 16/12
10 pushups (scaled — 5 pushups)

Scale the pushups appropriately (both reps and modified movement) to make sure you’re not getting stuck! We’d rather see 30 good pushups in a workout, than 100 sloppy ones.

New Programming Cycle — Feb/March 2018

It’s time to switch it up and start a new programming cycle here at Sabertooth! We program our workouts and priority movements in six week cycles. Each day of the week has a different theme. This gives you consistent practice, while still keeping lots of variety in your workouts. Have questions about this? Ask a coach or comment here!

Here’s the focus areas for the next six weeks:

Monday: Split Jerks. This movement is just as tricky and complex as the clean & snatch, but we usually don’t spend as much time on it. This cycle we’ll get up to speed on the basics, and accumulate lots of good quality reps!

Tuesday: Handstands. Look for lots of handstand variations like wall holds, handstand walks, handstand pushups, and other accessory movements that will increase your strength and confidence in the shoulders and core.

Wednesday: Team & partner workouts!

Thursday: Olympic lifting skill work. The focus for our Olympic lifting day this cycle is practicing good reps, rather than trying to go heavy. Positioning, timing, and confidence are all key to good lifts, not just strength!

Friday: Open Prep. The CrossFit Open is less than a month away! We will practice some of the high-skill movements that we are likely to see in the Open (double unders, chest to bar pull-ups, muscle ups) alongside their scaled equivalents. Our conditioning work will include re-testing past Open workouts.

Saturday: Strongman & Carries. Carrying heavy stuff around is a great way to get stronger, without putting much stress on your joints. It’s super practical, too!

Sunday: Squats. Look for a variety of squats on this day. Back, front, overhead, and more!

Haven’t signed up for the Open yet? Head over to www.games.crossfit.com today and do it! Every workout has an Rx and Scaled version. 

Don’t know what the Open is? Check out our article from Coach Sarah that explains it all!

Workout of the Day 1/26/18

Friday 1/26

Push press review
5×3 push press from rack at moderate weight

Work on upright torso in dip & drive, using legs & hips to drive the bar up as much as possible. Use a weight you can do confidently without possibility of failing reps. Does not have to be touch & go — can reset at the shoulder between reps.

7 Power snatch 95/65
30 double unders or 50 single unders