Thursday 2/22/18

1 snatch deadlift + 2 snatch
8 min EMOM

Building on last week, the snatch deadlift should feel almost identical to the start of your snatch before you hit mid-thigh

3 rounds
1 min work at each movement
DB push press
Cals row/bike
box step ups (DB optional)
1 min rest between rounds

With the Open coming tomorrow, use this workout to keep your body moving and the blood pumping. These should not be max effort sprints unless you do not plan to work out tomorrow.


Wednesday 2/21/18

10 min AMRAP
alternating full rounds with a partner
20 kb swing 24/16
20 situp
-2 min rest-
8 min AMRAP
alternating full rounds with a partner
10/8 cal row/bike
10 power clean 95/65
-2 min rest-
6 min AMRAP
alternating full rounds with a partner
10 pushups
20 DU/30 SU

The Open, Part 4: Scaled or Rx?

The Open, Part 4: Scaled or Rx? By Coach Sarah

The first workout for the Open will be released this week. Anticipation is building for what Dave Castro has in store for us (did you see his hint video?!

For each workout, you will be able to decide if you want to complete it according to the Rx standards or the Scaled standards. You do not have to commit to Rx for all workouts or Scaled for all workouts. So how do you know which one you should choose once a workout is announced?


Some of you know your answer: Scaled all the way, baby! All versions of the Open are challenging so everyone is guaranteed to get a grueling workout in.

However, if you are unsure which division you should choose, here are a few aspects you can consider:

  1. Weight and/or movement – Can you complete multiple reps of each weight/movement in Rx?
  2. Stimulus – Will you be able to move through the Rx workout or will you get stuck on a weight/movement?
  3. Pride – How important is the Rx distinction to you?

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

It may seem an obvious limiter if you know you cannot complete a certain weight or movement. However, sometimes workouts contain heavier weights or more difficult movements halfway through or near the end of a workout. In fact, sometimes the workouts are built so that most people will not reach the end unless you are very proficient in the earlier weights/movements. Therefore, you may be able to get through most of the work without   worrying about the harder stuff later on.

In addition, due to the hype and atmosphere of the Open workouts, some people find they can do more than they thought they could. It is a darn good feeling to get that first muscle-up or hit a snatch PR with your judge and other gym members cheering you on!

A sticking point for some may be the pride of completing Rx. From a scoreboard perspective, one rep of Rx will always beat 1000000+ reps of scaled. For that reason alone, some people would rather complete only a few reps of an Rx workout in order to place higher on the Open scoreboard. This can be important to some people whether they like to admit it or not. I think any competitive types out there can understand the desire to post a higher score.

Version 2

Instead of obsessing over times and reps, I would encourage everyone to ask yourself, what do you want to get out of your Open experience? If you choose an Rx workout that is slightly above your ability, will you be content with making continuous failed attempts at a weight or movement you know you cannot do? For some this is fine and they enjoy the challenge. Others may feel dejected and frustrated. Us coaches never want you to feel that way during any workout, Open or not.

The Open is a learning experience for many of us in what we are capable of both mentally and physically. Whatever workout option you choose, we will be there to support you. Whether this is your first Open or you are a seasoned veteran, we look forward to sweating it out with you!

You can sign up for the Open through Monday, 2/26/18, but don’t waste any more time! Register at


Workout of the Day 2/19/18

Monday 2/19/18

From the rack:
6×2 Split jerks at moderate weight
You know the drill by now — don’t move up unless you’re feeling snappy and stable.

Deadlifts 225/155. 155/105
Box jump overs

Pick a weight and box jump style that allows you to keep moving quickly without compromising your form!

Workout of the Day 2/17/18


Partner Bar Farmer Carry: 6-8 walks of 1 long gym length. **2 Bars side by side. Add weights to desired effect.

AMRAP 10, alternating rounds with a partner
12/8 cal bike
5 Overhead squats 95/65. 65/45
Rest 5 minutes
AMRAP 10, alternating rounds with a partner
12/8 cal row
5 Power Snatch. 95/65. 65/45
Scale bike/row cals as needed to ensure it takes about 30 seconds or less.

Workout of the Day 2/13/18


EMOM 6: 2 Strict + 3 Kipping Handstand pushups
*Chose a scale that will allow you to perform each set in 1 kickup.
**May adjust to Dumbbell strict & push presses, handstand holds

5 rounds:
20 wall ball
10 toes to bar
5 deadlifts 275/185. 185/125.
Rest 1 minute

Your deadlift weight should be doable in one set even if you’re very fatigued. Choose a weight that is challenging but does not compromise your positioning!