The Open, Part 3: Logistics at Sabertooth

Part 3: How exactly will the Open work at Sabertooth?

You know what the Open is and why we love to take part. We’ve hinted at some changes to this year compared to the past. Here is the plan:

  1. After the workout is released on Thursday nights, we will post a Google Spreadsheet online with heat times. Regardless of whether you are registered online for the Open, if you plan to work out in a class on Friday, you will need to sign up for a heat.
  2. Each athlete will sign up for a specific heat time. It will list a warmup, briefing, and warmup time. If you miss your warm up and/or briefing, you will likely be shuffled to a later heat. Just like in a regular class, the warm-up and briefing are essential to a successful workout. Don’t miss it!
  3. There will be a spot in the heat signup to indicate if you need a judge or not. If you are registered online, you will need a judge. If you do not have a judge we will not be able to validate your score. If you are not registered online but would still like a judge, we will try to accommodate you.
  4. We will use the same sheet to have people sign up to judge. Anyone can be a judge for the Open. Judging is a vital role in the Open – it helps us manage classes and it is a great way to get to know and encourage your fellow gym members. Coaches will help facilitate finding and distributing judges as needed. (Editor’s note: Judging is not as scary or intense as it sounds! It’s mostly just lots of counting! This is a great chance to try it in a low pressure situation.)


A side not for athletes and judges: Every workout is released with a video of movement standards and a printable scorecard that we will have available. The movement standards video is very thorough, and these standards will also be covered during the briefing in each heat. The scorecards are helpful for judges to keep track of reps and movements. We highly recommend taking a look at the video explanations of the workouts before you come to the gym.


We are looking forward to implementing this new Open scheduling!


Have you signed up yet? Don’t waste any more time and go straight to


Our last piece of this blog series will be some advice on how to choose RX vs Scaled in the Open. Stay tuned!


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