Get Weird! Be Creative in Your Practice.

Get Weird! Be Creative in Your Practice.
By Coach Matt Meyer

Take your athletic ability to a new level by being creative and straying from standard movements.
Too often people are happy to follow in the realm of familiarity but fall out of their comfort zone when it comes to experimenting. This is easy to understand considering the number of internet videos out there shaming people trying out-of-the-ordinary things in the gym.

Experiment with new variations of movements or invent new ones altogether.
Being creative allows you to become more familiar with your body and its capabilities: your end range, balance, ability to adapt/improvise, producing power in imperfect positions. You might discover a variation of a squat that helps you develop strength for pushing out of the bottom of a pistol.

As a coach I find myself always being pressed for ways to modify a movement “on the fly” or mid class. In most cases it takes only a moment to come up with an effective substitute. Something that has contributed to this ability is the many hours spent just playing around and trying new things. My instragram feed is comprised largely of out of the ordinary weird stuff that came up while playing around in open gym time.

A well-rounded athlete is able to demonstrate proficiency in many areas. These are the fastest learning, most adaptive individuals you will find. Consider two people: one who only practices standard squats, and another who is able to perform a hundred variations of the squat. If you were to put these to through an obstacle course involving ducking, stepping up, jumping, low walks, picking up odd objects, etc. you don’t need to be told which one will be better prepared.
When we move though life, it looks more like an obstacle course.

The most important thing you’ll need is an environment that where you can let your creative juices flow. Lessing the number of distractions will help you think more clearly.
Open space, something to hang from, jump on, pick up etc. are also helpful. Let go and try not to worry about looking silly.

It’s never too late to improve your health & fitness! We can help. Sign up for a Free Intro session today to find out how!

Happy Exploring!


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