New Programming Cycle March/April 2018

It’s time for a new programming cycle! For those of you who are new to the gym, we write our workouts in six week chunks. Each day of the week has a consistent theme for six weeks, so you can get practice while still getting lots of variety. Talk to a coach if you have questions!

Here’s the plan for this next cycle, which begins tomorrow (March 12).

Monday: Bike, Row, and (hopefully) Run.  We’ll do a mix of long, medium, and short duration workouts to help us improve our endurance and output on these movements. Hopefully it’ll warm up enough to get some running in!

Tuesday: Kettlebell & dumbbell movements. There are countless ways to use these pieces of equipment outside of the usual ones we do in our workouts. We’ll practice some of the more technical movements and learn some new skills.

Wednesday: Clean & Jerk. After our awesome Split Jerk work this last cycle, it’s time to partner it up with the clean! This cycle will be designed to get you more comfortable putting the weight overhead after cleaning it from the floor for small sets (singles, doubles, etc.)

Thursday: Squats! We’ve gotten some requests to work on Overhead Squats, so the first three weeks of this cycle will be spent with some attention on this tricky movement.

Friday: The Open. We have two more Open workouts to get through. After that we’ll throw back to some of our favorite past Open workouts to finish out the cycle…and bring us up to the first Face Melt Fridays of the year!

Saturday: Team Workouts. Great way to meet some new friends at the gym!

Sunday: Strict press & push press. These movements are great for developing shoulder and core strength, and will help you get more comfortable with weight overhead.

That’s the plan! See you in the gym!




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