Regionals Rundown: Week 3!

Regionals week 2 was epic. There were some amazing performances, huge comebacks, and big shakeups in the final event.

My picks were strong once again — I correctly chose 15 out of the 22 Games qualifiers. Overall through two weeks I’ve chosen 35 of 52 correctly, for a 67% correct pick rate. I’m in second place overall in the online pool, out of about 150 people…wish me luck in week 3!

Some of the top stories this week:

  • Becca “Deca” Voigt qualified for a record TENTH CrossFit Games, at age 37. She is simply a legend in the sport. Her reaction to taking the 5th spot was one of the highlights of the weekend! She was in a deep hole after day 1, but fought back hard through the last four events.
    Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 2.07.41 PM.png
  • Mat Fraser continues to dominate. “Dominate” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in sports. But Fraser actually deserves it. After taking 9th in the first event (the “Triple Three” endurance workout) he took 1st place in the next five events straight, including two world event records. Barring injury or act of God, he will win the Games this year.
  • The Panchik Bros! Perennial Games athlete Scott Panchik found himself in a big hole after coming in 24th place in Event 1. He clawed his way back into the top five with an amazing performance in the final event. His younger brother Saxon also fought to the end, finishing just a few seconds behind his brother in the final, clinching his first ever trip to the Games. The reaction of the two brothers when they found out they both made it was classic.
    Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 7.40.14 AM.png
  • The Latin America regional almost didn’t happen at all! Due to a trucking strike in Brazil, none of the equipment was able to make it to the venue on time. They had to source bikes, rowers, bars, plates, and pull up rigs from nearby CrossFit affiliates to put on the competition. Pretty amazing that they were able to pull it together so fast. While it lacked the pizazz of the fancy new equipment, the community and crowd there was second to none.

Here are my picks for the final week! We’ve got Atlantic, Meridian, and Pacific on tap.

1. Noah Olsen
2. Ben Smith
3. Travis Mayer
4. Nathan Bramblett
5. Alec Smith

1. Kenzie Riley
2. Cassidy Lance-McWherter
3. Emily Bridgers
4. Paige Semenza
5. Alison Scudds

MERIDIAN (Top 4 advance)
1. Jason Smith
2. Lukas Esslinger
3. Phil Hesketh
4. Willy Georges

1. Jamie Greene
2. Lauren Fisher
3. Carmen Bosmans
4. Oddrun Gylfadottir

1. James Newbury
2. Brandon Swan
3. Khan Porter
4. Mitch Sinnamon
5. Zeke Grove

1. Kara Saunders
2. Tia-Clair Coomey
3. Jessica Coughlan
4. Justine Beath
5. Madeline Sturt

Enjoy the show! Should be another fun weekend!


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