A near storybook ending to a grueling DragonBoat Sunday.

This Sunday we fell just short of first place to our arch rivals Monkey Bay Paddling Club (MBPC)

The scene couldn’t have been set better: After our first of two rounds of racing we were 2.5 seconds behind MBPC in total time.

During the break, Tricia and Courtney collaborated with the group to revise our race strategy. They decided to simplify the strategy. The current one was more complex and intense. Our paddlers were burning out before the end of the race.

In the second round, we would be racing head to head against MBPC in the final two heats. We needed to make up 2.5 seconds for the win.

At the start of the first round, you could feel the tension in the air. Adrenaline was surging. My rowing partner Brad mentioned “nerves.” Thanks to Karl and Maddie, we had run of dirty jokes to ease the atmosphere.

The gun went off, paddlers dug deep, the boat lifted off the water and we picked up speed quickly. Our drummer Sonya, yelled “eyes up” when she sensed the paddler’s gaze straying from the front of the boat. Our lead paddlers Caroline and Allie locked in sync. Last 50 meters. It was push time. Sonya gave the cue – “REACH!!” That meant we dug deep to the finish and gave it everything we had. Flag Catcher Ryan, sitting patiently at the front of the boat, pops up and extends his body and arms out of the front of the boat in the last moment to pull the flag out of the water. A perfect Grab!

The strategy worked! We made up the 2.5 seconds needed to pull ahead of MBPC!
One last heat to go. We only needed to tie to hold the win.

The 2nd heat went much the same of the first with one exception: Our start was a little slower. But once the boat was up to speed it was smooth sailing. I could hear the entire boat counting, grunting, and yelling. It sounded like FaceMelt Friday Classes. I knew then we were putting every bit of effort we could into each stroke. As Ryan pulled to flag out of the water, we saw we lost by what seemed like inches.

Final result:
MBPC : 4:34:54
Sabertooth: 4:35:78

I couldn’t be more proud of our racing team this year. The positive attitudes, the willingness to give 100% on a scorching hot day, and the feeling camaraderie was easily noticed. Everyone stayed after to break down camp and clean up.

This was a GREAT DAY!

Thank you Team,

-Coach Matt