Sunday Showdown: athletes speak!

Every month at CrossFit Sabertooth we have an awesome event: the Sabertooth Sunday Showdown! Athletes volunteer to compete against each other, and spectators donate $5 to watch and cheer. 100% of the proceeds go to an athlete-picked nonprofit, and Sabertooth matches the first $100 raised!

On September 30, 2018, athletes Mariah and Maddie will compete against Kayla and Courtney AKA Corndog, and the proceeds will benefit Minnesota Endo Warriors. This organization helps raise awareness and provide advocacy to women living with endometriosis. This Showdown is personal for these athletes – two of the four have been diagnosed with endometriosis, and a third has a mother with the disease.

We asked the athletes to give us a sound bite about why they decided to compete in this particular showdown!


“When Sabertooth first started Sunday Showdowns, I thought the concept was awesome but also really intimidating. We’ve had some amazing, super fit athletes compete and I didn’t think that I could measure up to what they had done! Thanks to the encouragement of my gym friends (3 of whom I’ll be competing with at the Showdown!), and a lot of consistency in training, I’m feeling more confident in my abilities and want to show that EVERYONE can do CrossFit!

As someone who has been diagnosed with endometriosis, I’m so excited that the showdown will benefit MN Endo Warriors and that we’ll be able to bring more awareness to the disease and show that you can still live a healthy, active, strong life! Endometriosis has kept my body from being able to do a lot of things, one of them being conceive a child. But when I do crossfit, I get to celebrate and enjoy what my body CAN do, instead of what it can’t. So let’s do some burpees! (Just kidding. Really. Let’s not do burpees.)”


“I’m doing the showdown for Endotrometriosis because my  mom had it.  I am who I am because of her.  I’m doing a showdown because I can!”


The CrossFit community and especially the people at CrossFit Sabertooth have really given so much to me. I wanted to do the showdown so I could pass the goodness on, as well as to truly test how far I’ve come, especially fighting and recovering from nagging injuries all year.”


I wanted to do a showdown after going to the first one this spring, but I did not ever really feel like anyone would want someone like me on their team. Kayla and I did the Memorial Day Murph together, and quickly found out how much we liked working out together. I got excited about potentially partnering up and after a week of inspiration at the Crossfit Games, we decided it was time to put ourselves out there.

We are blessed to workout with and compete against Mariah and Maddie who are willing to compete for Endometriosis Awareness, a disease which affects both Kayla and I both inside and outside the gym. Endo is a disease that makes me feel like “I can’t…” over and over again, but I am excited to compete because I can, and I am tired of letting it stop me becoming who I want to be. My uterus may be raging, but I am ready to throw down. Let’s do this.”

I WANNA GO! What are the details?

See below!


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