Do The Hard Thing! – by Vern

First, that’swhatshesaid.

I tried to avoid it. I really did. 

Now that that’s out of the way, we’re going to talk about one of the core concepts of CrossFit and life: doing the hard thing. Taking the longer route. Going the extra mile.

A few months ago, we told you that in any given workout, you are only operating at forty percent of your physical capacity. We encouraged you to push your limits and find your edge, because as we always say, growth only happens at the edge of your comfort zone.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to talk about ways you can push yourself in your physical workouts and your WODs, including some tips and tricks that our coaches and members use to push themselves further when they’re gasping for breath and their legs are bursting with lactic acid.

Cole is one of the people we’ll talk to. Dude is a MACHINE!

Today our focus is more broad. How can you push yourself in your day-to-day life? How can you change your mentality from one that avoids discomfort to a mentality that actively seeks and embraces discomfort?

One phrase. Do the hard thing.

Whenever you are faced with a decision, think about which one is easier, which is more difficult, and which will push you, whether physically or emotionally.

You need to get home and don’t have a car. Should you take a Lyft home, or walk a mile? Do the hard thing. Walk a mile.

You need to go to work. Should you drive there, or ride your bike? Do the hard thing. Ride your bike.

You have a paper due in two weeks. Should you watch television or work on your paper? Do the hard thing. Write your paper.

You’ve got the sugar cravings and really want a giant slice of cake, but you know that you have a competition in the morning and the sugar crash will hurt your performance. Should you give in, or walk away? Do the hard thing. Walk away.

You work in retail and you walk past a merchandise table that has been attacked by the monster that is Holiday Customer. Should you keep walking by, or stop to straighten the table? Do the hard thing. Straighten the table.

You’re unhappy with something in your life – from the weather to your unfriendly neighbor. Should you complain, or refuse to speak out of frustration? Do the hard thing. Speak positively. Even if it feels like you’re faking it, refuse to ruminate upon and vocalize those complaints.

We are independent beings, faced with infinite choices throughout the day. The Do The Hard Thing concept applies in every area of your life, in every choice that you make – and will force you to be more mindful of your actions and motivations.

As you consistently practice Doing The Hard Thing, you will notice your worldview changing, shifting, expanding. You will develop inner strength and a higher discomfort tolerance. You will start to crave new experiences. You will notice your five senses more and will live a fuller life. You will start to see life as an adventure, not merely an existence!

So try it. Start small – go do your dishes or laundry (can you tell I’m coaching myself here?). Make dinner instead of ordering it, take your dog on an extra-long walk, and roll out your painfully tight calves. (Still coaching myself.) Whatever it is, do it with gusto, and confidence – because you are mindfully choosing to get out of your comfort zone and Do The Hard Thing.

Let us know how it goes!


This post is inspired by two things: Coach Matt (we both had the same idea, but the title and some examples are his!) and CrossFit in general. CrossFit Sabertooth is one of the places that I learned how to Do The Hard Thing, and if you’re new to our community, we’d love to welcome you and help you get out of your comfort zone too. Head to to set up your own private intro session.

(The) Winter (Open) Is Coming! – by Coach Matt

November 25, 2018, will mark our first-ever Sabertooth Team Open. You’ve seen our posts about it on the Sabertooth Cave and Instagram, but we’ve never done anything like this before, and many of you have questions about it.

Here are some of the concerns that might be holding you back from signing up:

  • Some of you may be hesitant to sign up with concerns about whether or not you are qualified, fit enough, strong enough, etc. Perhaps you are worried about holding your team back.
  • Some of you may be traveling for a portion of the time the Open is happening.
  • Some of you may not trust your ability to stay consistent with your workouts and fitness over the holiday season.

This picture has nothing to do with the open. We just like it.

Does this resonate? Read on!

The Mission of the Sabertooth Open:

  • To enhance member experience by building camaraderie and community.
  • To demonstrate how competitions can be enjoyable.
  • To provide members a means to keep consistent in training over the holiday season.

Let’s break it down further. Why are these things important?

Building Camaraderie:
We are passionate about community here at CrossFit Sabertooth. We aren’t just about fitness; we’re about relationships. And the best way to make progress in your goals is to have friends support and encourage you along the way. We need workout buddies to keep it fun and to reach out to us when we are lacking motivation. The Open is a way to expand your support group and make new friends!

Competition can be enjoyable:
I remember my first speedskating race: Grand Old Days 8k Inline Skate, 2004 – the nerves, adrenaline, and fear I had during the moments before that race. I also remember taking a turn too sharp, crashing, and finishing nearly last place.
The best part was that after it was all over, I couldn’t stop talking about how great it was. I couldn’t wait till the next race, to train harder, practice my turns, and take another shot at doing better next time.

If you have never competed before, you may not want to deal with the stress that comes with performing on “race day.” But try to remember something “hard” you have done in the past. Public speaking, writing a research paper, meeting a work deadline. Chances are good that, after the task was complete, you felt a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The Open should be viewed in the same light. It doesn’t really matter where you and your teammates finish in the ranks. Simply the fact that you pushed yourself to finish something hard will be a reward on its own.

Ed. note: Confirmed.

Stay consistent over the holidays:
The holidays can be a dreadful time for your fitness: Sweets around every corner, parties every weekend, traveling, and busy schedules make it easy to put fitness on hold. It’s no wonder so many people feel guilty after Jan 1st and come in crowds to sign up for gym memberships.

Why not avoid the slump altogether and just commit to staying consistent?

Three teammates depending on you AND cheering you on should be encouragement enough.

Our promise to you:

During the Sabertooth Open, all of us coaches promise that:

  • You will be supported by your coaches and teammates.
  • You will be challenged in your workouts but not beyond your abilities.
  • You will be happy you signed up!
  • But what if I’m injured? What if I’m traveling?
  • If you are traveling but can still make 3 of the 4 workouts, go ahead and sign up. We will sub in a teammate for you for the week you miss.

    If you have limitations due to an injury you are rehabbing, talk to a coach. Depending on the limitation, we may be able accommodate it with movement substitutions.

    Okay, that’s all pretty cool. But is there another reason I should join?

    YES! Aside from earning the chance to win awesome prizes, you will be helping with an incredibly important goal: raising funds for an AED in our gym.

    At least half of the money raised via registration will go toward the purchase of an AED. Our members’ safety is our most important concern, and we want to make sure that we have an AED and trained operators at all times the gym is open. We prefer to save lives by regular exercise, but want to be prepared to save lives via electrical shock as well.

    Okay, you convinced me.

    AWESOME! Register here by 11/21!

    See you at the box,

    Coach Matt