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Imagine how great it would be able to go out and pick up any sport, game, or recreational activity and immediately be proficient. How about improving at any of these sports or activities twice as quickly as anyone else? You’d be some sort of superhero or genetically gifted athlete right? Or maybe it’s just that you have been working on your functional fitness.

CrossFit is designed to be a general strength and conditioning program using functional movements (movements will real-life applications.) This doesn’t sound exciting, but let’s take a deeper look.

If you spend most of your time training for a specific sport, you will probably get really good at one thing, and just as bad a many others. Distance runners can run forever, but ask many of them to squat, jump, throw, lift, bend, climb and the results won’t likely be stellar. Powerlifters move heavy weights, ask them to run a mile and they might not make a block. You body adapts to what you are giving it.

CrossFit focuses on developing multiple areas of fitness all at once: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. You get better at everything so you can go do anything.

Why should you care? Because if you are not “generally fit” you are missing out on a lot of enjoyment life has to offer. If you have ever said “no” to participating in an activity because you know it would be too physically demanding, you can benefit from CrossFit.

Pick up game of Ultimate Frisbee? Paddleboarding? Wrestle with the Kids, Rock Climbing, Hike the Superior Trail, Trampoline? Tough Mudder? Log Rolling?

Why not treat yourself to the ability to say yes with confidence when opportunities like this come up? 

Are you interested in improving your fitness base? CLICK HERE to find out how!

-Coach Matt Meyer,  CrossFit Sabertooth,  Minneapolis MN


Sunday Showdown: How do I choose my weights?!

You’ve read the blog posts and you are ready to put yourself out there and snatch and clean and jerk your heart out at our Sunday Showdown on Sunday, April 28th at 12 pm to raise money for Open Arms of Minnesota. Sweet! We love lifting at Crossfit Sabertooth!

Now you may be asking yourself, what weights should I choose for my lifts? In Crossfit classes and competitions, you often have time to make multiple attempts at increasing weights and re-try missed attempts. Part of the challenge of an Olympic lifting meet is you get only 3 attempts each at snatch and clean and jerk.

One way to approach these weights would be to come up with 3 numbers for each lift: one you KNOW you can make, one you THINK you can make, and one you HOPE you can make. These weights should all be relatively close to each other. Depending on what you’re lifting, your jump to the next attempt will likely be only 5-20 lbs. You will gain confidence on the first lift, which will then carry over into your next attempts.

Another way to approach the attempts require you to know your one rep maxes in each lift. If this is your first meet – which I believe for everyone it will be! – start no higher than 85%, and make jumps of 3-5%. The first lift should feel solid; 85% should realistically be a weight you could hit on any given training day, barring any catastrophic injuries or fatigue.

As with any competition, you always want to go in with a plan based on your known abilities. If things go wrong, which they certainly can, you will need to adapt and adjust. With the above tips in mind we are confident you will choose the right weights and smoke all of your lifts!

As a reminder, you can pre-register with the option to deduct the registration fee from Wodify. You may also opt to donate extra money to Open Arms.

Get your name on the list to lift here:

See you at the Sunday Showdown!

Sunday Showdown: How’s it Gonna Go? – by Coach Sarah


Photo by Lee Hochstein

So you’ve decided you want to lift at our upcoming Sunday Showdown on April 28th at 12 pm. Awesome! We are so excited to see you smash some weight!

What exactly happens at an Olympic weightlifting meet?

At a USA Weightlifting (USAW) sanctioned meet:

1. Every lifter weighs in about 2 hours before they begin lifting to confirm their weight class.
2. At that time they declare their opening snatch and clean and jerk.
3. The lifter then attempts 3 snatches and 3 clean and jerks. The lifter usually waits between lifts while other competitors make their attempts as the weight on the bar increases.
4. There are 3 judges who will declare a lift good or no good.
5. The goal of any meet is to total, that is, successfully complete at least one snatch and one clean and jerk. The total is the lifter’s highest weight snatch and clean and jerk added together. The lifter’s total is compared to the other totals in their weight class to determine the winner.

What will the Sabertooth Sunday Showdown look like?

Ours will not be a sanctioned meet; however, it will mirror much the same structure:

1. You will weigh in so we can record your bodyweight (see #5 below) and declare your opening attempts.
2. You will declare your opening attempts. We need to know this in order to call you out for your first lift.
3. You will have 3 attempts each at snatch and clean and jerk, waiting as needed in between attempts while the bar weight increases.
4. There will be 1 judge declaring a lift good or no good.
5. Using your top snatch and clean and jerk combined, we will use the Sinclair Coefficient to determine the top male and female lifter. This equation takes into account your body weight and the weight you lifted.

We are opening pre-registration with the option for you to deduct the registration fee from Wodify. You may also opt to donate extra money to Open Arms. Get your name on the list to lift here:…/1pMal7OZdOyhGNa_hfpjp7e0h…/prefill

You are so pumped to lift now! But how do you choose your snatch and clean and jerk weights? Stay tuned next week for our final blog post on how to choose the weights on your attempted lifts!

Join our Sunday Showdown! – by Coach Sarah

On Sunday, April 28th at 1 pm we will be hosting our Sunday Showdown featuring our first Olympic Lifting style meet. Instead of a pre-determined team working out for charity, YOU get to work out for charity!

This will be a great opportunity to test your snatch and clean and jerk in a slightly different environment than a regular class. The focus is solely on lifting – there will be no running or jumping or pull-ups to tire you out.

Still need convincing to participate? Here are some concerns and/or questions we’ve heard floating around.

Will people be looking at me while I lift?

Yes! People will look at you. We unfortunately can’t make everyone close their eyes. Perfect the middle distance gaze – look through people, not at them.

Do I have to squat?

No! In Olympic Lifting, neither the snatch nor the clean standards mandate that you need to pass below parallel. However, Coach Sarah certainly encourages you to squat 🙂

What if I don’t want/need a USAW membership?

If you are the top male or female lifter and do not want or need the USAW membership, consider the following: 1. Donate the membership to another lifter in the gym. 2. Donate the value of the membership to Open Arms.

Can people come watch me?

Of course! All friends and family are invited just like at regular Sunday Showdowns. We encourage any participant or visitor to donate to Open Arms.

I know I won’t win. I can’t lift very much. Should I even bother?

Yes! Just like in our regular classes, everyone is at their own level. You don’t “win” during classes, yet you still show up. Come lift with your friends and, most importantly, support Open Arms in their mission to deliver free, nutritious meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses in the Twin Cities.

Stay tuned for another post where we will provide more logistical details surrounding how the day itself will run. We are excited to see you all slam some barbells!