Join our Sunday Showdown! – by Coach Sarah

On Sunday, April 28th at 1 pm we will be hosting our Sunday Showdown featuring our first Olympic Lifting style meet. Instead of a pre-determined team working out for charity, YOU get to work out for charity!

This will be a great opportunity to test your snatch and clean and jerk in a slightly different environment than a regular class. The focus is solely on lifting – there will be no running or jumping or pull-ups to tire you out.

Still need convincing to participate? Here are some concerns and/or questions we’ve heard floating around.

Will people be looking at me while I lift?

Yes! People will look at you. We unfortunately can’t make everyone close their eyes. Perfect the middle distance gaze – look through people, not at them.

Do I have to squat?

No! In Olympic Lifting, neither the snatch nor the clean standards mandate that you need to pass below parallel. However, Coach Sarah certainly encourages you to squat 🙂

What if I don’t want/need a USAW membership?

If you are the top male or female lifter and do not want or need the USAW membership, consider the following: 1. Donate the membership to another lifter in the gym. 2. Donate the value of the membership to Open Arms.

Can people come watch me?

Of course! All friends and family are invited just like at regular Sunday Showdowns. We encourage any participant or visitor to donate to Open Arms.

I know I won’t win. I can’t lift very much. Should I even bother?

Yes! Just like in our regular classes, everyone is at their own level. You don’t “win” during classes, yet you still show up. Come lift with your friends and, most importantly, support Open Arms in their mission to deliver free, nutritious meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses in the Twin Cities.

Stay tuned for another post where we will provide more logistical details surrounding how the day itself will run. We are excited to see you all slam some barbells!

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