Sunday Showdown: How do I choose my weights?!

You’ve read the blog posts and you are ready to put yourself out there and snatch and clean and jerk your heart out at our Sunday Showdown on Sunday, April 28th at 12 pm to raise money for Open Arms of Minnesota. Sweet! We love lifting at Crossfit Sabertooth!

Now you may be asking yourself, what weights should I choose for my lifts? In Crossfit classes and competitions, you often have time to make multiple attempts at increasing weights and re-try missed attempts. Part of the challenge of an Olympic lifting meet is you get only 3 attempts each at snatch and clean and jerk.

One way to approach these weights would be to come up with 3 numbers for each lift: one you KNOW you can make, one you THINK you can make, and one you HOPE you can make. These weights should all be relatively close to each other. Depending on what you’re lifting, your jump to the next attempt will likely be only 5-20 lbs. You will gain confidence on the first lift, which will then carry over into your next attempts.

Another way to approach the attempts require you to know your one rep maxes in each lift. If this is your first meet – which I believe for everyone it will be! – start no higher than 85%, and make jumps of 3-5%. The first lift should feel solid; 85% should realistically be a weight you could hit on any given training day, barring any catastrophic injuries or fatigue.

As with any competition, you always want to go in with a plan based on your known abilities. If things go wrong, which they certainly can, you will need to adapt and adjust. With the above tips in mind we are confident you will choose the right weights and smoke all of your lifts!

As a reminder, you can pre-register with the option to deduct the registration fee from Wodify. You may also opt to donate extra money to Open Arms.

Get your name on the list to lift here:

See you at the Sunday Showdown!

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