Workout of the Day 9/17/17

Sunday 9/17/17

Back squat to parallel + Back squat
4 sets
Start at moderate weight, no more than 80%, and build each working set
Slight pause at parallel

1000m row
50 thrusters 45/35
30 pull ups


Workout of the Day 9/14/17

Thursday 9/14

From the rack:
3 sets of 2 push jerk + 2 split jerk
3 sets of 1 push jerk + 1 split jerk
If form allows and you’re still catching with arms locked out, with feet in good position — try to increase the weight each round. Start at a moderate weight — don’t move up unless you feel smooth and strong in your catch.

10 back squats 115/85 75/55
10 burpees
10 sit ups

Choose a back squat weight you can go unbroken with as long as possible, and you are comfortable getting into the back rack from the ground.

Workout of the Day 9/12/17

Tuesday 9/12

Every 90 seconds:
15 Wallballs 20/14
*Repeat for 5 rounds
*Try to go unbroken, good reps every set

With a partner, for time. Do in any order, but finish all reps of one movement before moving to another.

40 sandbag cleans 75/50. 50/35
40 toes to bar
80/60 cal bike
80 goblet squats 24/16. 16/12

Monday 9/11/17

Monday 9/11/17

Running technique drills
2 foot hops
2 foot hop to run
Single leg pulls

3x800m Run @ 1 mile goal pace
Rest 50% between runs (if the run took you 4 minutes, rest 2min before running again)

Our goal here is to accumulate time running at our new 1 mile goal pace. The goal is NOT to sprint these 800m runs as fast as you can! Look at this as skill work, not just running as fast as possible. We want to learn what our pace feels like and be able to sustain it for longer periods. Be patient and it will pay off!

1 minute row for max calories