Odd: 5 burpees (add 1 each round)
Even: 5-10 toes to bar
Now that we’ve worked hard on our toes to bar technique, it’s time to practice doing the movement when we’re out of breath, but still have plenty of recovery time. Choose a variation and number of reps that are challenging, but doable while still keeping a good rhythm.

Death by thruster
Minute 1: 1 thruster
Minute 2: 2 thrusters
Minute 3: 3 thrusters
Etc until you cannot complete the given number in the minute
15 min time cap


2x (1 snatch deadlift w/o extension + 1 hang snatch)
1 sec pause at the top of the deadlift before lowering to the hang (anywhere above knee)
5 sets at 70-75%
Heavier than last week if possible

8 rounds
4 strict KTE
5 burpees to a plate
6 Russian kb swings 32/24
12 min cap

Workout of the Day 6/24

Saturday 6/24

Skill practice: Double unders (5-10 minutes)

With a partner
P1 Heavy farmer carry w/ DB or KBs (gym length down & back)
P2 Farmer carry
P1 Sandbag bear hug carry (gym length down & back)
P2 sandbag bear hug carry
P1 1 arm overhead KB carry (switch arms at halfway)
P2 1 arm overhead KB carry
At the 10:00, 20:00, and 30:00 mark — 250m run together

Workout of the Day 6/22

Thursday 6/22

2 tempo clean deadlift w/o extension + clean + jerk
Tempo is on the descend. When returning the bar to the floor count 3 seconds.
5-6 sets at 60-70%
If possible go heavier than last week

Goblet squat  24kg/20   20/16   (Can also use DBs)
Immediately upon finishing: max effort plank on elbows
Score 1 = workout time. Score 2 = plank time

Workout of the Day 6/21

Wednesday 6/21
Linking Toes to bar together
Be agressive getting back to a strong arch position at the bottom.
Keep the abs tight and legs together! We want to maximize our tension so we can harness that potential energy on the next rep.
5x practice sets 5-10 reps
Keeping your rhythm is priority. Don’t go higher with the toes than you can handle

1 minute of double-unders
1 minute of DB snatches 50/35. 35/20
1 min rest
2 minutes of double-unders
2 minutes of DB snatches
2 min rest
3 minutes of double-unders
3 minutes of DB snatches
DB snatches are alternating hands each rep.
Score = total reps! (2 single unders = 1 rep)
DB snatch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9520DJiFmvE