Workout of the Day 11/25/17

Saturday 11/25

Bench Press Form & Spotting Review
Work Up to 1 Rep Max

KB Swings
Sit ups
Bike, Row, or Ski Calories



Workout of the Day 11/21/2017

Tuesday 11/21

With a partner:

4 rounds, each with a 5 minute cap. Rest 2 minutes between each round.

Round 1: 1000m/800m row, then AMRAP deadlifts 225/155 (alternating every 5 reps)

Round 2: 1500m/1200m bike, then AMRAP air squats (alternate every 10)

Round 3: Row/Deadlift (repeat round 1)

Round 4: Bike/Squat  (repeat round 2)

Scale the row/bike distance so the pair gets AT LEAST 1 minute of deadlifts/squats!

Member Stories: Kat L.

Let us introduce you to Kat, a Sabertooth member since January 2017! Not only is Kat a workhorse in the gym, she is also a top tier Roller Derby athlete! Through a mix of group classes, personal training, and individual programming, Kat has taken full advantage of everything we offer at Sabertooth to take her Derby game to the next level. She is a joy to have at the gym — you know there will always be fun times if she’s in the class! 

Here’s what she had to say about her CrossFit journey so far:

It got to the point where I was just sitting in the recumbent bike, reading a magazine. I wasn’t even pedaling! The motivation I had the month prior to get to the gym and do specific exercises was gone and I was bored going through the same routine. I decided to try a group fitness specific gym that a few of my friends attended. I liked it at first, but got tired of the same cardio based movements and wasn’t comfortable with the trainer yelling at me and the cliquey atmosphere there.


Then, January of this year, a friend mentioned her gym, Crossfit Sabertooth, was having a free week and suggested I try it. I was apprehensive about any Crossfit after reading some articles and watching videos. Frankly, I was intimidated. Any new setting can be daunting and especially so if you expect to be surrounded by buff bros! I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of people at the gym. There were people of all fitness levels and moreover they were friendly and supportive of each other. The coaches calmly explained everything and provided constructive feedback. After the free week I knew I would drop my other gym and get a membership at Sabertooth.
What struck me at first and continues to be a norm at Crossfit Sabertooth is the diversity of movements and workouts as well as the community at the gym. The combination of weightlifting and gymnastics pushes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me both physically and mentally. What I enjoy the most is not focusing on a movement for a while, attempting to do it, and nailing it! We focused on pullups in the winter and I hadn’t tried one for a couple months after. One day I decided to attempt a strict pull up and got it! I was thrilled at the success and pleased about the fact that every movement we do at the gym strengthens us in multiple ways. It’s so cool!
The benefits of Crossfit Sabertooth aren’t exclusive to progress in the gym. I’ve been playing D1 roller derby for the past 4 years and the difference I’ve experienced on the track has been noticeable not just to me, but my teammates as well. The physical strength has given me mental confidence I hadn’t experienced before. As well, as benefiting my athletic endeavours, working out  helps my mental health. About ten years ago I was diagnosed with mood and anxiety disorders. Consistently working out on a set schedule helps me maintain a healthy equilibrium. Even on tough days, I know that the workout will help and so will the supportive community at the gym.
I’m glad my friend mentioned Crossfit Sabertooth to me. The friendly and professional gym has made improvements in my life! Big thanks to the coaches and members for being awesome!

Want to come check out Sabertooth for yourself? We host a Free Intro Class every Saturday morning at 10am! All ages and abilities are welcome. Click Here to sign up!