Myths about CrossFit competitions and why YOU – yes, you! – should compete! By Vern

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for any length of time, you’ve seen and heard about competitions. There are The Games, of course – but on any given weekend (especially in the summer!) you can find a competition hosted by a local CrossFit box. (Related: CrossFit Sabertooth is hosting the SaberSpook Throwdown on October 27!) Here are some common misconceptions about CrossFit competitions, and a few reasons why you should take the plunge and sign up.

Myth 1: I’m too fat/skinny/weak!

Nah, bro. Like CrossFit itself, CrossFit competitions are for everyone! Sure, there are minimum movement standards, and some competitions are more difficult than others (for example, the scaled division in Granite Games is not the same as the scaled division in SaberSpook). But that doesn’t mean you have to be jacked before you can compete. It means you need to find a competition with movement standards that reflect your overall abilities. There are more than twenty CrossFit gyms in the Minneapolis/St. Paul immediate metro area, with a competition to suit every fitness level.

Myth 2: I have to be competitive!

Nope. Busted again. Even at the highest levels, CrossFit competitions are some of the friendliest events you can find. Athletes cheer each other on, whether in direct competition or not. The whole box erupted in cheers when this athlete got her first muscle-up during a competition at Sabertooth!

Myth 3: I have to be able to do [insert movement here]!

Okay, so this one is a half-true, half-false kinda situation. You don’t want to sign up for a division where you know you can’t reach any of the movement standards, because you are setting yourself up for injury. But if you reframe your definition of winning, you don’t have to be able to do everything.

Example: Our members Corndog and Kayla recently competed at the Calypso Cup at CrossFit Calypso. They registered for the division that would challenge them, knowing that they could reach all of the milestones except one – toes-to-bar. To them, “winning” meant competing and trying as hard as they could. “Winning” did not mean finishing in first place.

Corndog and Kayla worked relentlessly to get toes-to-bar before the competition, and just couldn’t do it. They finished last in the workout that had that movement. And you know what? The world didn’t end. In fact, they did well enough in the other events that they would have placed if they’d had the toes-to-bar movement.

Growth only happens at the edge of comfort.

By reframing their definition of winning, Corndog and Kayla challenged themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. Growth only happens at the edge of comfort, and they are both stronger for pushing themselves past that edge.

Also, on the practical side: for many partner competitions, only one of you needs to be able to do any given movement – you can split it up as the standards allow.


Example: this guy is Vern’s partner for SaberSpook and he’s doing ALLLL the pull-ups.

Truth: it’s a fun weekend filled with camaraderie, personal bests, challenges, and growth.

One of our members, Tricia, recently took the plunge and signed up for SaberSpook at the end of the month. Now, Tricia has been battling a demon ever since she started CrossFit, and that demon is named Box Jump.

We all have our fears that threaten to cripple us (personally, I can’t handle holding a handstand!). Tricia is physically more than capable of doing a high box jump, but has struggled to get beyond the fear that comes when we stand in front of the box and imagine ourselves clearing it.

Tricia found out that SaberSpook has an event with box jumps, took a deep breath, and got to work.

In the last week, she has gone from not being able to comfortably do a single box jump, to easily hitting 16″ jumps and consistently making the required 20″ jump.

We have a saying here at Sabertooth – #exerciseyourdemons. By signing up for SaberSpook and committing to compete, Tricia has finally started to master her fear.

Similarly, our member Maddie signed up for a Strongman competition last summer. Maddie is strong and powerful, but didn’t know whether she could hack it at a competition. She faced her fears head-on and got a personal best of 20 reps of 245-lb deadlifts.

What are you waiting for?

Life lesson: you will never feel fully ready to take any scary plunge. Whether it is buying a house, getting a dog, or signing up for a CrossFit competition, you will always have lingering anxiety. Face that anxiety down, find a competition, and sign up today. Remember, growth only happens at the edge of comfort – don’t hamper yours!

As always, if you’re brand-new to CrossFit (or an expert athlete), you are welcome at CrossFit Sabertooth! Head to to learn more!


Get HOT! – by Vern

When is the last time you put any real thought into the most important part of your workout – the warm-up?!

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about it too much. You coast half-heartedly on the assault bike for a few minutes, maybe do some casual rowing, stretch while chatting with friends, and call it good.


It’s okay to go with the warm-up flow in CrossFit classes, where our coaches – especially coach Matt! – incorporate intense warm-ups in every WOD. When you come to open gym, though, it’s important to create a warm-up that is specific to your workout. A good warm-up will have several components.

First, you need to…wait for it…get warm! Get on the bike, get on the rower, get on the ski erg and get that heart rate up. A good way to ease your body into the warm-up is to use intervals. Do at least three minutes of cardio, breaking up each minute: thirty seconds easy, fifteen seconds medium-intensity, and fifteen seconds of sprinting.

Once your body is warm and you’re breathing heavy, it’s time to warm up your muscles. Dynamic stretching is a great way to do this! Lunge and twist, spider-man walk, bear crawl, broad jumps – anything that combines muscle engagement with muscle mobility.

After dynamic stretches, take your warm-up a step farther and do movements that specifically activate what you’re working on. Let’s take squats as an example. If you jump straight into a squat workout without a proper warm-up, your hamstrings and quads will likely take on most the work because your glutes haven’t been activated. Try this next time you squat heavy, as part of your dynamic stretching:

  • Ten bridge holds (3 seconds each)
  • Ten single-leg bridges, each leg
  • Ten fire hydrants, straight back
  • Ten fire hydrants, to the side
  • 100-foot monster walk
  • Ten jumping squats

By doing a glute-specific warm-up, you’ve activated your glutes and are allowing them to help your quads and hamstrings to lift that heavy weight.

tl;dr: Get HOT before every workout! Now it’s your turn – what are your favorite exercise-specific warm-ups?

Experienced CrossFitter? Brand-spankin’-new to CrossFit? Elite athlete? Couch potato? No matter what, you’re welcome at CrossFit Sabertooth! Click here to set up your own free, personalized intro session. 


Something is Better than Nothing, Part II

Hey Saberfriends,

Last March, our former coach wrote a blog post called Something Is Better Than Nothing. In the post, Chris talked about his and his wife Lianna’s difficulties in keeping up their fitness routines after becoming parents.

You should read that post. It’s pretty awesome and has great tips for working out when you literally only have five minutes at a time because you’re prioritizing other parts of your life, like shelter, water, and keeping a tiny human alive.

I want to take the idea a step further today. What if you’re going to the gym regularly, but aren’t seeing the results you want? There are two things that might help you when you’re facing the discouragement of a plateau: one practical, and one philosophical.

Practical: review goals and invest in personal training.

Did you know that we offer personalized training and programming at CrossFit Sabertooth? Each coach has their own strengths, and would love to help you meet your goals within that area – whether it’s powerlifting, gymnastics, olympic lifting, nutrition, endurance, or all of the above.

If you’re new to CrossFit, your first step is to head to to set up your own free, personalized intro session. (Reminder: CrossFit is for everybody and every body, and you don’t have to be fit to start!)

If you’re a current member, chat with a coach to set up a free goal review session. You’ll sit down in a private meeting with a CrossFit Sabertooth coach to discuss your current goals and set up a concrete plan on how to achieve those goals. (This is super helpful, by the way. It helped me change my goal from “be an Olympic figure skater despite being an overweight 33-year-old who has never worn a pair of figure skates in her life” to “hit an 80-lb squat snatch by the end of the year.”)

Then you can work with a coach on personalized programming. We have a variety of options to fit every goal and budget! You can ask a coach to simply program one workout per week for you, or you can get workouts for every day and meet one-on-one for extra guidance.

Here’s my own shameless plug: I’ve been working on Olympic lifting with Coach Tim for four months, and though my PR hasn’t increased, we have started the transformation in my form that will allow me to lift much more in the future. Check out this before-and-after:

Being stuck at the same weight brings me to the second part of your plateau transformation.

Philosophical: live this mantra: something is better than nothing.

Here’s the thing: there is a strong link between your mental fitness and your physical fitness. When you are discouraged, depressed, anxious, and stressed, your body can release too much cortisol, and this can cause myriad problems. It can weaken your immune system and cause you to be exhausted, bloated, irrationally hungry. You can have trouble regulating your temperature, and easily gain weight. All of these things hamper your goals!

Try this. Try shifting your mindset away from “I MUST hit that goal” and toward “It would be cool if I did, but something is better than nothing.”

This doesn’t mean you’re giving up! It means that you reframe your definition of success and redirect negative ruminations. “My *%*$&*% bench press is the same as it was six weeks ago!” becomes “Wow, my bench press is the same as it was six weeks ago – imagine how much less I’d be able to lift if I hadn’t been working on it for six weeks!

This isn’t easy, and you might feel like a saccharine-sweet Pollyanna the first few times you try it. But if you keep working on reframing your negative thoughts and redirecting your ruminations, you can literally halt the overproduction of cortisol in its tracks.

NOTE: If you struggle with a persistent mental illness – particularly depression and anxiety, which affect nearly 20% of the U.S. population – you won’t be able to simply talk your way out of cortisol overproduction and serotonin reuptake. Your first step is to meet with your doctor and a therapist. There is no shame in obtaining treatment for an illness, especially if that illness is invisible to others! 

Between working with a coach and trainer and reframing your negative thoughts, you CAN get back on track with your goals. If you’re new to CrossFit Sabertooth, set up your own free intro session HERE. If you’re a current member, schedule a goal review session HERE. If you are happy with your programming, but want advice on getting in a better headspace, feel free to reach out to to a coach or a gym regular! I have personally struggled with discouragement, depression, anxiety, cortisol overproduction, disordered eating, and debilitating injuries, so you are more than welcome to contact me if you’d like to chat about how personal training and the something is better than nothing mentality have transformed my own life.

Keep on keeping on, Sabertoothers!

– Social Media Dudette Vern

Sunday Showdown: athletes speak!

Every month at CrossFit Sabertooth we have an awesome event: the Sabertooth Sunday Showdown! Athletes volunteer to compete against each other, and spectators donate $5 to watch and cheer. 100% of the proceeds go to an athlete-picked nonprofit, and Sabertooth matches the first $100 raised!

On September 30, 2018, athletes Mariah and Maddie will compete against Kayla and Courtney AKA Corndog, and the proceeds will benefit Minnesota Endo Warriors. This organization helps raise awareness and provide advocacy to women living with endometriosis. This Showdown is personal for these athletes – two of the four have been diagnosed with endometriosis, and a third has a mother with the disease.

We asked the athletes to give us a sound bite about why they decided to compete in this particular showdown!


“When Sabertooth first started Sunday Showdowns, I thought the concept was awesome but also really intimidating. We’ve had some amazing, super fit athletes compete and I didn’t think that I could measure up to what they had done! Thanks to the encouragement of my gym friends (3 of whom I’ll be competing with at the Showdown!), and a lot of consistency in training, I’m feeling more confident in my abilities and want to show that EVERYONE can do CrossFit!

As someone who has been diagnosed with endometriosis, I’m so excited that the showdown will benefit MN Endo Warriors and that we’ll be able to bring more awareness to the disease and show that you can still live a healthy, active, strong life! Endometriosis has kept my body from being able to do a lot of things, one of them being conceive a child. But when I do crossfit, I get to celebrate and enjoy what my body CAN do, instead of what it can’t. So let’s do some burpees! (Just kidding. Really. Let’s not do burpees.)”


“I’m doing the showdown for Endotrometriosis because my  mom had it.  I am who I am because of her.  I’m doing a showdown because I can!”


The CrossFit community and especially the people at CrossFit Sabertooth have really given so much to me. I wanted to do the showdown so I could pass the goodness on, as well as to truly test how far I’ve come, especially fighting and recovering from nagging injuries all year.”


I wanted to do a showdown after going to the first one this spring, but I did not ever really feel like anyone would want someone like me on their team. Kayla and I did the Memorial Day Murph together, and quickly found out how much we liked working out together. I got excited about potentially partnering up and after a week of inspiration at the Crossfit Games, we decided it was time to put ourselves out there.

We are blessed to workout with and compete against Mariah and Maddie who are willing to compete for Endometriosis Awareness, a disease which affects both Kayla and I both inside and outside the gym. Endo is a disease that makes me feel like “I can’t…” over and over again, but I am excited to compete because I can, and I am tired of letting it stop me becoming who I want to be. My uterus may be raging, but I am ready to throw down. Let’s do this.”

I WANNA GO! What are the details?

See below!

Jump-start your day by saluting the sun!

We’ve all heard the benefits of having a morning routine. In a perfect world, you will wake up at the crack of dawn and have four hours to work out, make coffee, bullet journal, read the news, meditate, shower, clean the car, scrub the toilet, bleach the grout, vacuum the ceiling, read a book, write poetry…

But if you’re anything like me, your morning routine consists of hitting “snooze” as many times as possible before showing up to work like, “dress code? what dress code?”

download (2)

Actual footage of the author. (Credit to Universal Pictures.)

If you’re looking for a happy medium between Morning Superhero and E.T. in drag, try adding a Sun Salutation to your morning routine!

The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is one of the most well-known yoga sequences, and is a fantastic way to stretch sleepy muscles, open up your chest, work your core, and get healing blood flowing throughout your entire body. Moving with intention in the early morning will help you set a great foundation for the rest of the day, whether you start your day with CrossFit or intravenous coffee (or both, we don’t judge).

The best part? The sequence is fully scaleable to your ability level, and a single Sun Salutation can take as little as one minute (if you are more ambitious, you can practice a yoga mala of 108 Sun Salutations!).

Beyond the ability to scale, there are myriad similarities between CrossFit and yoga. Both are a practice, a journey, built on community engagement. Both require balance, strength, and mobility. Both are moving meditations (if you don’t think CrossFit requires meditation, try doing a marathon row!) and require both focus AND a clear mind. Yoga and CrossFit are perfect complements, and the Sun Salutation is a perfect beginning sequence.

For added benefit, match breath to movement for each of these poses, and practice Ujjayi Pranayama: the Breath of Victory. To do this, pretend that you are fogging up a mirror in front of your mouth, but then close your mouth. Keep that same breath pattern, breathing slowly in and out through your nose, with a constricted throat.


(1) Start in Extended Child’s Pose (Utthita Balasana). Touch your big toes together, extend your arms in front of you, touch your forehead to the ground, and sink your butt toward your heels. Sit here for several deep breaths.

(2) On an inhale, come forward into tabletop pose. Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists, and your hips over your knees, with a neutral spine. Stay here for a few breaths.

(3) On an inhale, open up your chest into Cow Pose (Bitilasana). Fill up your stomach, lungs, and throat with breath, while stretching your front line.

(4) Exhale into Cat Pose (Marjaryasana). Arc your back, engage your abs, and force all of the air out of your body. Repeat Cat and Cow as many times as you like.

(5) Inhale to a neutral spine. Exhale into Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). The key here is NOT to force your heels to the ground! Instead, your goal is to have a straight and strong back in a triangle position (not an arc!). Pedal your feet to loosen up your ankles, and don’t worry if you can’t straighten your legs.

(6) Look forward on an inhale, and exhale into Forward Fold (Uttanasana). Keep your legs bent if necessary – the key here is to feel a gentle stretch through your hamstrings and lower back.

(6) Inhale, and slowly rise to Mountain Pose (Tadasana). Keep your feet together or just slightly apart, push all four corners of your feet into the ground, and flex your legs, abs, and chest to make your body straight and strong. Keep your shoulders lowered away from your ears, and raise your arms above your head with your pinkies turned in.

(7) Exhale into Forward Fold (Uttanasana).

(8) Take a deep inhale into Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttanasana).  For this pose, your back should be straight and strong, like you’re at the bottom of a Romanian Deadlift. You can place your hands on your thighs or below your knees for added leverage to keep your back straight.

(9) Exhale with control through Chaturanga Dandasana. Place your hands on the ground and step back into a plank pose. Lean slightly forward so your shoulders are directly over your wrists, pin your externally-rotated elbows to your sides, and lower into a half-pushup. This is considered the most physically challenging part of the Sun Salutation, and if it is too difficult, feel free to drop to your knees or skip the Chaturanga entirely and move directly from plank pose into Downward Facing Dog, skipping the next step.

(10) Inhale into Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana). Flip your feet over so the tops of your feet press into the ground, and press upward. Unless you have large legs, the only points of contact with the ground should be the top of your feet and the palms of your hands.

(11) Exhale into Downward Facing Dog.

Congratulations, you’ve just completed a Sun Salutation! When you become familiar with this sequences, feel free to add to it as you want – side stretches, back stretches, and core stretches.

If you’re skeptical of the benefits of a Sun Salutation, I challenge you to try five of them every single morning for the next two weeks. You will notice an immediate difference in how your body feels as you go about your morning, and with regular practice, you will also notice a difference in your mental state.

Happy Salutations!

(Bonus picture: Duck the Dog helping with lighting tests!)

Member Story: Patty

It’s time to resume our member stories! For this month, we’re featuring Patty H. Enjoy her story, and if you’re ready to take the jump into CrossFit yourself, we’d love to have you at CrossFit Sabertooth! head to to set up your own private intro session. – Ed.

I once was a softball player.


…Until a few years ago, when I had to quit playing softball due to an Achilles tendon injury that just wouldn’t resolve. I had always liked exercising, especially while being part of a team. I soon learned that working around an injury is no fun. Having to run at 60%, slowing down your team in any way, and not being able to give it your all just sucks. I finally realized that I actually liked lifting heavy weights and started doing that, but would still occasionally fall of the wagon because I missed the camaraderie of a team and felt misplaced in a gym filled with strangers.

It was about that time that I watched one of the CrossFit documentaries and thought, “this looks awesome and totally bad ass. I will sign up for that if I ever get fit enough”. If only I knew then what I know now: that you don’t have to be fit to start CrossFit! It took me at least a year, a move to Minnesota, and the luck to stumble upon the Sabertooth website, which literally said, “If you can get in the door, you can do CrossFit”.

I watched one of the CrossFit documentaries and thought, “this looks awesome and totally bad ass. I will sign up for that if I ever get fit enough”. If only I knew then what I know now: that you don’t have to be fit to start CrossFit!

After deliberating for about a month, I finally managed to drag myself out there. I was nervous for what was going to happen and what people were going to think. They’d surely think I wouldn’t belong in a CrossFit gym… And then it turns out, people were extremely friendly and supportive. No judgement. People were cheering me on before they had even met me, while I was working through the Foundations course. I immediately knew that CrossFit and Sabertooth was what I was looking for all along! I never looked back and went all in.

In CrossFit, I have finally found a sport that allows me to work on all aspects of fitness without ever having to give it less than a 100%. I still cannot run or jump, but I won’t let my injury hold me back: I can row and do step ups at the same intensity! I get to lift heavy, finally learned the Olympic lifts (a longtime wish), and the programming helps me not to chicken out of more challenging workouts (hello, burpees and planks).

Crossfit is simple and raw. Work hard and it pays off. We’re not here to look pretty. You’ll get to drop your bar from overhead, cover the floor in chalk, sweat on everything and grunt and yell to grind out that last rep. You get to feel good about your achievements all the time.

In CrossFit, I have finally found a sport that allows me to work on all aspects of fitness without ever having to give it less than a 100%. I still cannot run or jump, but I won’t let my injury hold me back: I can row and do step ups at the same intensity!

There are big and small wins almost every week. Some highlights in only 4 months of CrossFit: adding 75 lbs to my back squat while having better form than ever, breaking my 1000m row PR by a minute, kicking myself into a handstand after 10 years of not even daring to try, joining the women’s weightlifting club, and winning a medal with the Sabertooth dragon boat team. All this makes it so easy to continue to show up at the gym 5 times a week: not because I feel like I have to make myself do it, but because I really love doing it! I have many goals to pursue, both achievable in the near future and things that will require months to years of work. I can only look forward to getting closer to them with every workout that I do.

The best thing is that I get to work on all those goals with other people that all share the same passion to be pretty awesome at life. We’re technically not an organized team, but it sure feels that way! There are always fellow members and great coaches to celebrate the highs with and share the lows with. Everyone is there to cheer each other on, helping to push ourselves even more. I feel sad that I have to leave all of this behind when I move back to Europe. I can only hope that I will find another great CrossFit gym there, because I have set my mind on training to become Wonder woman.


Ed. note: As you read, Patty is leaving us next month to go back to Europe. We will miss her and are so grateful that we were able to give her a CrossFit foundation. You’re already Wonder Woman in our eyes, Patty! 

Are you a Sabertooth member? We want to feature you – yes, YOU! – on our blog! Send Vern a message or grab her at the next WOD for more details. 

Have you hit your edge? Keep going.

You’re bent over, trying to catch your breath, watching your sweat drip to the floor. Your legs are burning, your lungs are burning, and you don’t know how you can possibly finish the workout. Are you at your limit?


David Goggins says no. This former Navy SEAL believes that when we hit our limit, we are only performing at 40% of our true capacity. We actually have one more pullup and one more thruster and one more pushup in us, and it’s our mind, not our body, that’s shutting down.

Think about a time that you’ve been suddenly distracted from your pain during a WOD. Maybe that handsome dude walked in early, maybe your coach cheered you on, maybe it’s just a blast of fresh air from the fan. No matter what the stimulus is, we have all experienced that sudden burst of energy giving our legs just a little more life, even when we thought we were d-o-n-e done.

How can we channel that capacity in a safe and healthy way?

The answer lies in edgework. This concept, the work of sociologist Stephen Lyng, means working to your edge – for the sheer joy of finding the edge. It means pushing yourself farther than you could yesterday. It means finding your own personal wall, and going just one step further. It means shifting your mindset, from avoiding discomfort and seeking pleasure to actually finding pleasure in the discomfort itself.

This makes sense for workouts when you’re literally breaking down muscle fibers in order to build them back up. But what about the unsexy “real life”? Good news! This idea of expanding your limits translates to every single part of your existence.

When you decide to treat your life as a challenge, to dance with your edge at every moment, even mundane work meetings take on new life. Can you use the meeting time (which, let’s be honest, could have been conducted over email in ten seconds) to learn to embrace patience? Can you be content in a traffic jam even when you’re late for a WOD?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes. One of the most practical ways to incorporate edgework into your life is to develop a mantra. A mantra is something that you can repeat to yourself. It’s short. Rhythmic. Hypnotizing. It means something to YOU. Something you can repeat to yourself during a tough workout with every pull of the rower, and a phrase you can silently* say during that inefficient meeting. You’re limited only by your imagination.

We’re going to examine the idea of edgework and how it relates to CrossFit in different contexts – meditation, exercise, even wilderness survival – in the coming months, so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, leave us a message here or on social media about how you have pushed your edge!

* Or out loud, but we don’t recommend that, especially if it’s “I hate my boss and I will get a new one someday.”

If you’re new to CrossFit, welcome! If you can get in the door, you can do CrossFit – no exceptions. Click this link to sign up for your own free, private intro session at CrossFit Sabertooth. We’re here to help, not judge, and we’d love to help you meet your goals.

Social Media Maven Vern

A near storybook ending to a grueling DragonBoat Sunday.

This Sunday we fell just short of first place to our arch rivals Monkey Bay Paddling Club (MBPC)

The scene couldn’t have been set better: After our first of two rounds of racing we were 2.5 seconds behind MBPC in total time.

During the break, Tricia and Courtney collaborated with the group to revise our race strategy. They decided to simplify the strategy. The current one was more complex and intense. Our paddlers were burning out before the end of the race.

In the second round, we would be racing head to head against MBPC in the final two heats. We needed to make up 2.5 seconds for the win.

At the start of the first round, you could feel the tension in the air. Adrenaline was surging. My rowing partner Brad mentioned “nerves.” Thanks to Karl and Maddie, we had run of dirty jokes to ease the atmosphere.

The gun went off, paddlers dug deep, the boat lifted off the water and we picked up speed quickly. Our drummer Sonya, yelled “eyes up” when she sensed the paddler’s gaze straying from the front of the boat. Our lead paddlers Caroline and Allie locked in sync. Last 50 meters. It was push time. Sonya gave the cue – “REACH!!” That meant we dug deep to the finish and gave it everything we had. Flag Catcher Ryan, sitting patiently at the front of the boat, pops up and extends his body and arms out of the front of the boat in the last moment to pull the flag out of the water. A perfect Grab!

The strategy worked! We made up the 2.5 seconds needed to pull ahead of MBPC!
One last heat to go. We only needed to tie to hold the win.

The 2nd heat went much the same of the first with one exception: Our start was a little slower. But once the boat was up to speed it was smooth sailing. I could hear the entire boat counting, grunting, and yelling. It sounded like FaceMelt Friday Classes. I knew then we were putting every bit of effort we could into each stroke. As Ryan pulled to flag out of the water, we saw we lost by what seemed like inches.

Final result:
MBPC : 4:34:54
Sabertooth: 4:35:78

I couldn’t be more proud of our racing team this year. The positive attitudes, the willingness to give 100% on a scorching hot day, and the feeling camaraderie was easily noticed. Everyone stayed after to break down camp and clean up.

This was a GREAT DAY!

Thank you Team,

-Coach Matt

#ACTION — Getting yourself unstuck

When we first took Baby J into our home last year, Lianna didn’t get any maternity leave or bonding time. She was fairly new at her job, and for foster care most companies don’t have any policies in place for family leave. From day 1, Lianna felt like she was missing out on time with J. I was at home learning the ins and outs of our new 6 month old, and Lianna was stuck at work.

The guilt and feeling of missing out kept nagging. Rather than taking time to work out and take care of herself on the weekends, Lianna felt that she needed every spare ounce of time and energy to spend on our little guy. I felt super guilty that I had more time with J during the day. Working out became less and less consistent, our diets slipped a lot, and now the guilt was mixed with low energy and just not feeling good.

We needed Lianna to work full time. Financially we were stable and finally starting to make headway towards a down payment for a house. Her full time job had wonderful benefits, great coworkers, and rewarding work, but it was holding her back from getting the quality time with J that she craved. Lianna quitting her job or going part time was just not an option.

We talked through our options, can came to our ideal scenario: Would it be possible for Lianna to go down to four day work weeks, to get a weekday at home with the Bub? We knew Lianna’s boss was very supportive, understanding, and flexible, but to Lianna it just seemed like too much to ask, at first.

There was always a reason not to have the conversation.
“I just started this new position.”
“It’s too busy at work now, maybe I’ll wait a couple months.”
“What if they fire me or something?”
“What if they say no?”
“What if my boss gets upset?”

When it comes down to it, as many of us do — we were avoiding a tough conversation, that we weren’t sure would go our way. So we kept the (unhappy) status quo for way too long.

Take a minute to think — what is the tough conversation you’re avoiding right now? We all have them. Maybe it’s a bad work situation. Maybe it’s a sticking point in your relationship with your significant other. Maybe your roommate drives you insane and you want them gone — but they’re your friend, so it might get weird.

Life is short. Too short to sit around hoping the situation will resolve itself.

So it’s time to take action. I learned this great process from one of the Two Brain Business mentors, Jason Williams.

Answer the following questions:
1. What is the uncomfortable situation I need to address?
Spell it out for yourself plainly — why is it making me unhappy, who would I need to talk to, and why am I afraid to go through with it? Example: Lianna wanted more time at home with J. Quality time with him was highly important to her but working full time, it was crushing her.

2. What is the realistic worst case scenario, if I initiate this conversation?
I’m sure you can think of some awful things that could happen. What would be the hardest outcome? What is the root of the fear holding us back from pushing for what we need? In Lianna’s example, the worst case scenario was getting terminated from her job.

3. How likely is that worst case scenario to happen?
When you think about it — you’ll probably realize that the probability of the worst case scenario happening is pretty low. Would Lianna’s boss really fire her for asking for a different schedule? Would she think less of her for wanting more time with family? Highly doubtful.

4. How would I recover if it happened?
This is planning for the worst, hoping for the best. If Lianna got fired, we’d find her a new part time job with a schedule that allowed her the time she needs. Would there be a tough period during the interim? Of course. But we would figure it out! You can also think through some of the other more likely outcomes, and how you would manage if those happened. Being prepared takes a lot of the fear and unknown out of the equation.

5. What is it costing me NOT to have this conversation?
This is a big one. Most people discount the cost of the status quo. They don’t take into account their current level of frustration, guilt, anxiety that they are experiencing, often every single day, all because they are avoiding a difficult conversation that may shake things up, or make things worse in the short run. It might be more than just feelings too — is it costing you time, money, or other resources?


Eventually Lianna had that tough conversation with her boss. Now she works a little longer Monday-Thursday, but she has Fridays off, and works for a couple hours from home during J’s afternoon nap. Friday mornings are just for mama & Bub now. This has lead to so much less guilt and FOMO, which has lead to Lianna staying strong with nutrition, and getting a third weekly CrossFit workout in on the weekends. The one uncomfortable conversation lead to a big life improvement. As I write this I’m getting Snapchats from Lianna of her and J at the park on a beautiful Friday morning, and my heart is full.

Here is my challenge to you: Go through this exercise for an uncomfortable situation in your life. I highly recommend talking through these steps with a friend or significant other who can help you see the various outcomes.

THEN…DO IT. Have that conversation. Start moving that “mountain” and realize it was really just a molehill.

Life is too short to tiptoe around and feel like a victim to your own life. Sometimes the only thing standing between your current situation, and an awesome situation, is one uncomfortable conversation. Every once in a while we get lucky, and everything falls into place just the way we wanted, without having to push. More often than not, it’s going to be up to you to make it happen.

It’s time for action.


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“Self-Love: Setting the same goal for myself three years in a row.”

Recently we hosted a four week small group seminar focusing on self-love and overcoming negative self-talk. We asked our longtime member Brandy to tell us about her experience with the seminar, and why she signed up in the first place. Here’s what she had to say!

Setting the same goal for myself three years in a row.

Every winter Crossfit Sabertooth puts on a goal setting seminar around the start of the new year, presumably when people are most interested in pushing reset on the way they are living their life.   It’s winter in Minnesota; people are locked indoors, frustrated and ready for change. I have attended this goal setting seminar annually and without fail because I have gotten results from it in the past.   

Again, in this year’s seminar I made a list of the potential things I wanted for myself.   Like many of my friends there, I had obvious items: Do a strict pull up, pay off student debt, be happier.  But the last one, “have a more positive body image”, had come up annually. Looking back at my last three years of worksheets, it was always on the list.  I had ignored it because I couldn’t wrap my head around how to work on that or how I would even know when I had achieved it.

I’ve gained and lost weight over my adult life, and I knew that being thinner certainly didn’t mean that i stopped being a jerk to myself when I looked in the mirror.   Certainly if I could just become perfect at everything, then why wouldn’t I just be happy all the time. Some of my thoughts are such garbage. Those little nasty squirrels running around my brain always found a way to nest in the cozy corners of my mind.   

I’m very proud of myself for recognizing that the problem wasn’t my body, but the thoughts I have about my body.   A younger version of myself would have set a weight loss goal and booked a haircut.

I didn’t want to share this goal with the workshop group…but I did. I reluctantly talked about it, and my friends never cease to amaze me with their supportiveness and just bad-ass acceptance of me.   The sentiment was shared around the room, and after some discussion we had some ideas about what we could do to make this a meaningful goal.  

This is the part where my gym is the best ever.   Coach Chris followed up.  He’d found a coach to come to the gym to put on a body image seminar.   We needed a thing, and Sabertooth delivered it. BAM!

The 1 hour seminar was great, but really just a teaser for the kind of work that is needed to clean out years of squirrel poop in a person’s mind.  

Sonja Ecklund of Wild Hope Coaching ran the seminar, and set up a four week small group option for those of us who really wanted to dig deep into this stuff. 

If you’ve ever been part of a group before you know that they have the potential to put you in some crazy brain space.   Luckily everyone in the group was ready to go deep. Most of our conversations started with us talking about showing ourselves love, but often got into life changing events like betrayal and loss.  I looked around the room and felt really lucky that everyone there was willing to be vulnerable, share their stuff and be real.

On the last day of the group our topic was forgiveness and Sonja directed us to make lists of things we needed to let go of in our lives.   Inevitably for me, my divorce is going to come up on any list of “shit I gotta deal with”. I didn’t want to share this stuff with the group.   This is my poison, and I liked them too much to allow my inner toxins just come leaking out into the room. Again, I didn’t want to share this stuff with the group.   (That’s usually how I know it’s probably REALLY important).

I held my throat as I choked my way through how pissed I am that there are knee jerk reactions in many areas of my life that the ex is still in my brain.   I went on to talk about how I try not to feel judged by this relationship anymore. Enough time passed and this person isn’t even in my life to judge me anymore.  “I should be over this”. But my brain still has patterns that give me anxiety when I do things that would have bothered “The Ex”. I went on a tangent talking about how I still use the little forks in the house, so that the big forks are clean for other people since the little forks are “terrible”.

In a second, it was like “Where the f— did that come from?”

It seems obvious, but no shit.  Of course my old dishes and flatware that I see and use every day is connected to how I feel about myself and what I eat and my body.  Every day I’m having these tiny feelings about a fork, and then literally swallowing its contents.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 8.29.09 AM.png

Sonja was totally cool about going into the mind body connection.   She mentioned that a person’s 5th chakra (throat) is often related to forgiveness.   Even though I knew that already intellectually, this was a realization. Throats, and choices, and forgiveness, and swallowing, and forks, and  food….oh my.

Since the end of the workshop I told my BMF Ryan, (Beardy Man Friend) about all these realizations and we spend time together choosing new dishes and flatware.   I’ve boxed up the old dishes and I’m waiting for them to tell me what to do with them. Should I smash them in the dumpster behind my house? Should I give them away?   I haven’t decided yet, but they will be gone soon and I’ll have fewer things in my life for my inner squirrels to observe and remind me about a time I made different choices.  

I can say that in the first week after this I ate good food, all my laundry is done, the new dishes are clean and aren’t piling up,  plus I’m finishing stalled projects all over the place.

Yes, my brain is still infested with squirrels… but there is one fewer …. And I’m better at figuring out what they sound like.    

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