Workout of the Day 1/22/18

Monday 1/22/18

5 rounds for quality:
50-ft one arm overhead carry w/ DB or KB, each arm
7 Goblet squats w/ 3 second active hold at bottom

5 rounds for time:
9 deadlifts 225/155. 155/105
9 toes to bar


Member Stories — Joanna

Joanna has been a member of Sabertooth since summer 2016. She is dedicated, upbeat, and has incredible work ethic — you’ll often see her hanging out after the class workout is over, racking up meters on the rower, or working on pull ups. Recently we re-tested CrossFit Open 17.2, which has lots of pull ups. In last year’s Open she got stuck at the pull ups and failed to record a rep, but this year at the re-test she got through 32 reps of unassisted pull-ups! It has been a joy for us to guide her in her fitness journey, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

After moving to the Twin Cities several years ago I searched for a workout routine that would keep me motivated to stay fit; along the way trying rowing classes, a swim team, and multiple fitness centers. I bounced around between these gyms, never really finding my niche and never seeing the results that I wanted. Then I stumbled onto CrossFit Sabertooth and found a gym community that has kept me engaged and coming back for nearly a year and a half.

CrossFit is challenging, which is what makes it great. There is always a next goal, a new skill to perfect or a heavier weight to lift. Its set up for you to continue to challenge and push yourself to achieve feats you didn’t think possible just months before.


At the same time, the coaches at Sabertooth help you manage those goals so you don’t get discouraged after multiple failed attempts. They help you find that next step you can improve and always offer suggestions on drills and form to help you progress. Most importantly they recognize and celebrate your improvements, even when you don’t see them yourself, helping to keep you motivated to keep working hard.

Since I’ve been a member of Sabertooth I’ve made gains, both large and small. I’ve (re)learned to do a pushup, climbed a rope, lost 25 pounds (shout out to Emily and Saberfood Nutrition Coaching!), and gotten noticeably stronger and faster. But I’ve also had frustrating days at the gym where having a community to support me, and make me laugh, has helped a lot and has kept me coming back.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.52.04 AM

This summer I had an old back injury flare up that left me unable to compete in a triathlon that I had really been looking forward to. In the past, injuries like this have really derailed my training and any progress made. Not only the physical limitations of having an injury but also not being able to compete in something I had been working for would usually leave me disappointed and unmotivated to continue to work out. This time was different. The support and community at Sabertooth helped me stay active and work through recovery. The coaches helped me modify workouts and I was able to come back from my injury with fewer setbacks.   

The community and coaches at Sabertooth are a real driver to keep me coming back. Not only time spent in the gym, but also the other activities keep members engaged. Whether it’s one of the competitions, holiday parties, dragon boat races, or spike ball tournaments – there are many opportunities to be involved and have fun at Sabertooth!

Looking for a fitness community that has your back, and has FUN? Click Here to sign up for our Free Intro Class! 


THE OPEN: Part 1. What is the Open, anyway?

Welcome to the Crossfit Open 2018 at Crossfit Sabertooth.

If you participated in the Open last year, you likely already know what to expect. We’re glad you’re with us this year.

If you have never done the Open, you may be wondering what all the hubbub is about. Over the next few weeks we will share posts about what the Open is, why we do it, how we will do it at Sabertooth, and some strategy to completing a successful Open.


 So first things first – What is the Crossfit Open?

The Open is a series of 5 workouts spread out once per week between February 22 and March 26. The workouts are released on Thursday evenings and athletes have until the following Monday evening to submit their scores to a worldwide leaderboard online. The registration fee is $20. Hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters all over the world participate every year. For the Elite athletes out there, it’s the first step in qualifying for the CrossFit Games. For us mere mortals, it’s just for fun.

Just like in a regular Crossfit class, the movements in the Open are many and varied. Some use barbells, some use dumbbells, and some don’t use any weights at all – just your own body. Some workouts are shorter, and some are longer.


We will complete the workouts during our normal Friday night classes (more on logistics in a future post). Anyone signed up for the Open will be assigned a judge when they do their workout. It is the judge’s responsibility to ensure that you meet the movement standards and complete all the required reps.

A lot of people enjoy this more competitive atmosphere, but bear in mind, submitting scores and judging is only required for people who have registered online at and paid the entry fee. Anyone else is free to join in on a good workout.

If you have any questions about the workouts or registering ask a coach or visit the official site to sign up at

For some, it’s a competition. For others, it’s a way to experience some new and challenging workouts. Ultimately what we love about the Open at Sabertooth is how it brings the community together. Next week we will share thoughts from your Sabertooth coaches on why we do the Open and why we think you should too.

— Coach Sarah



10-15 Mins Skill Practice
One legged squats

Teams of 2
* 1 Works, 1 Rests
* Switch as needed

Burpee Pullups
Deadlift 225/145
Airbike or Row Cals

If you were here for the 1RM deadlift yesterday, we recommend going lighter on the deadlifts today, or subbing in some Russian KB swings instead.